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Lash Card Mascara Shields

One of my favorite mascara tips... Here is a great little gadget for a more perfect mascara application.   Lash Cards  Lash Cards are curved cards that you use as shields when applying your mascara. They help you stretch your lashes, remove clumps and separate your lashes without making a mascara mess on the skin above and below your eyes.  The curved edge of the card is held against your upper lash line. Then, you apply your mascara using the card and your mascara wand to create long clump free lashes. Then use it on the bottom lashes. Toss it away when you are done.  One pack contains 10 individually wrapped shields.   Find them on Amazon.           Have a Beautiful Day!  xo Jill Licensed Cosmetologist,  Esthetician,  Makeup Artist PS: Thanks for using my amazon 💋 As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases at no cost to you. That keeps my blog running and supports the care of animals in need!😸 Click here to visit my latest post  

Prom Makeup: A Fresh & Natural Look

It's Prom time!  Here is one of my recent prom girls with her gorgeous blue eyes! This beauty doesn't usually wear much makeup and wanted a fresh and natural look. Here's what I did for her: Fresh & Natural Prom Makeup First, concealer and thin layer of foundation applied with a damp sponge covered imperfections.  A powder coral blush complimented her skin tone and luminizing finishing powder gave her skin a soft beautiful glow.  Peachy gold and light warm brown shadow made her beautiful blue eyes pop.  Black eyeliner and black mascara added definition and a little drama. A soft shimmering pink defined her lips without making her look too made up.  Her look was fresh and beautiful.           Have a Beautiful Day!  xo Jill Licensed Cosmetologist,  Esthetician,  Makeup Artist PS: Thanks for using my amazon 💋 As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases at no cost to you. That keeps my blog running and supports the care of ani

Brow Shaping and Taming with Makeup

I always pay special attention to the eyebrows when doing a makeup.  Brows frame the eyes, give us character and expression, and can give away our age. Young brows are thick in shape, the hairs are dense and can be a bit unruly. They need to be cleaned up and given a natural shape but left thick and full then, be tamed with a bit of brow gel. Older brows are thin looking. The hairs have become sparse. There may be holes in the brows. They have become shorter from both ends and can have long wild stray hairs from time to time. These brows need some TLC to look fuller and thicker like younger brows.  How to Shape and Tame Unruly Brows Remove the Strays Removal of stay hairs from under the brows will define the shape. Taking out the strays can actually make the brows look a little thicker. Strange but true! Be careful not to take too many hairs out. You want to keep the brows as thick as possible. Trim Wild, wiry hairs must be trimmed with scissors. Brush them up and trim them to

Fraying Cuticles

A friend of one of  our hair stylists asked why her cuticles look like this. She recently had a manicure (not from me!!!) and the skin started fraying up a day or so later.  Well, you've probably heard that you should not cut your cuticles. Just push them back.  Why is that? What Causes Frayed, Peeling Cuticles When we refer to the cuticle, we ar e talking about the skin at the base of the nail, but it is really more complicated than that. The skin at the base of the nail is called the eponychium. It's living skin.  The cuticle is the dead cell part of the eponychium.  The cuticle is the thin white looking piece of skin that sheds from underneath the eponychium. It is dead tissue that sticks on the nail and moves out on the nail as it grows forming a protective barrier between the nail plate and the living eponychium. The "cuticles" (really the eponychium) are pushed back during a manicure revealing the thin skin that is stuck to the nail, the true cuticle.  The

Peppermint Foot Soak Recipe

Our poor feet get over worked sometimes leaving them aching and tired. A good foot soaking can do wonders. Certain ingredients make the foot soak especially beneficial. Peppermint is anti-inflammatory. It has decongestant properties and also helps get rid of foot odor. The sweet peppermint aroma gives you a lift relieving stress and mental exhaustion.  Epsom Salt, which is Magnesium Sulfate, eases muscle aches, detoxifies the body and actually raises white blood cell counts.  Add glass marbles to your foot soak. Roll your feet over them to massage sore foot muscles. Here is my Peppermint Foot Soak Recipe Hot water 1/4 Cup Epsom Salt 4 Peppermint Tea Bags Glass Marbles Fill a large bowl or foot bath with hot water. Add Epsom salt and mix with your hand until it dissolves. Add marbles to the bath along with the peppermint tea bags.  Soak your feet and relax for 15-20 minutes.             Have a Beautiful Day!  xo Jill Licensed Cosmetologist,  Esthetician,

How to Whiten Yellow Nails

Why do nails turn yellow ? Most likely, the nails are stained from nail polish. Nails can get stained from wearing nail polish even when you use a base coat before the color causing them to look yellow or orange. The pigments in the polish absorb into the top layers of the nails. Reasons Why Nail Turn Yellow Besides polish staining, there are some other reasons nails turn yellow. Smoking Nicotine can stain the cause giving them a yellowy brown appearance. The best cure is to stop smoking. Nothing good comes from smoking! Fungal Infections A fungal infection can cause yellowing of the nails. The nails also become brittle and crumbly. The nails thicken and there is a buildup of debris under the nails. See your dermatologist for a diagnosis. The doctor can do a scraping of the nail and test it to confirm if it is fungus or not. A prescription or over the counter treatment will then be recommended. The nails will lose their yellow appearance as the nail grows out and the infection heal

How to hide Dark Circles

  How to Cover Dark Circles Q. I am having trouble covering my dark circles. I use concealer but under my eyes looks chalky whitish and I can still see the darkness showing through. I have seen people use red lipstick to cover dark circles.  Can I use red lipstick to cover my dark circles? A. Dark circles can be a challenge to hide.  I have seen those videos on using red lipstick to cover dark circles. Does it work? It does! It needs to be an orange red color lipstick. Here is a bit of color theory to explain why it works.  Dark circles tend to have a dark bluey purple color. Orange is the complimentary color for blue. To refresh your memory, orange is a mix of red and yellow. Yellow is the complimentary color for purple. Yellow is a primary color. You can't mix it from other colors. Applying a complimentary color on top of a color helps to neutralize the color. So... applying a lipstick that is an orangey red color will cancel out the bluey purple of the dark circles. Hold you