Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Brow Shaping and Taming with Makeup

I always pay special attention to the eyebrows when doing a makeup. Brows frame the eyes, give us character and expression, and can give away our age.
Young brows are thick in shape, the hairs are dense and can be a bit unruly. They need to be cleaned up and given a natural shape but left thick and full then, be tamed with a bit of brow gel.

Older brows are thin looking. The hairs have become sparse. There may be holes in the brows. They have become shorter from both ends and can have long wild stray hairs from time to time.

These brows need some TLC to look fuller and thicker like younger brows. Removal of stay hairs will define the shape then, a little makeup magic will fill in the spareness creating a younger looking brow. Wiry hairs must be tamed with trimming and brow gel.  

Here is the older brow groomed and defined with brow powder. Makeup Magic!

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