Monday, May 12, 2014

How to hide Dark Circles

 Q. I am having trouble covering my dark circles. I use concealer but under my eyes looks chalky whitish and I can still see the dark circles. What can I do?

A. Use a peachy colored concealer that is a shade close to your skin color instead of using a light colored concealer. The peach color helps to cancel out the purply blue dark circle.  You can add a bit of lighter concealer on top of the peach concealer if you feel you need more brightening. Also, be sure your under eye area is moist before makeup application.

  Here are the steps to help hide dark circles:

1. Apply an eye cream first. Let it absorb for 5 minutes.

2. Apply a thin layer of foundation to the under eye area and to other areas of your face as is needed. A sponge gives a natural looking finish.

3. Apply a peachy concealer. Use a brush to apply the concealer right in the dark circle area, not all around the whole under eye area. 

4. Use your fingers to lightly pat the concealer to blend it into your foundation.

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