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Monday, May 12, 2014

How to hide Dark Circles


how to cover dark circles

How to Cover Dark Circles

Q. I am having trouble covering my dark circles. I use concealer but under my eyes looks chalky whitish and I can still see the darkness showing through. I have seen people use red lipstick to cover dark circles. 

Can I use red lipstick to cover my dark circles?

Dark circles can be a challenge to hide. 
I have seen those videos on using red lipstick to cover dark circles. Does it work? It does! It needs to be an orange red color lipstick.

Here is a bit of color theory to explain why it works. 

Dark circles tend to have a dark bluey purple color.

Orange is the complimentary color for blue. To refresh your memory, orange is a mix of red and yellow.

Yellow is the complimentary color for purple. Yellow is a primary color. You can't mix it from other colors.

Applying a complimentary color on top of a color helps to neutralize the color. So... applying a lipstick that is an orangey red color will cancel out the bluey purple of the dark circles.

Hold your horses! Don't rush off and order that lipstick to use as a concealer. Lipstick is not formulated for use around the eyes. 

It can cause irritation when used around the eyes. The heavy waxes and oils in lipstick can cause puffiness and clogged pores under the delicate eye area plus, some red lipsticks contain a small amount of lead.

Instead of lipstick, use a peachy orange or salmon colored correcting concealer. A color correcting concealer is formulated to use around the eyes.

Choose a peach, orange or salmon concealer shade that is closer to your skin color for dark circles. Save your light colored concealer for hiding blemishes and highlighting shadowy areas.  

You can add a bit of lighter beigey colored concealer or your foundation on top of the peachy orange concealer if you feel the under eye area looks too orange or if you need more brightening. 

orange concealer

orange concealer
I have used orange toned concealers for years and they work great. It can be hard to find an orange concealer, though.  There are tons of colors in fair, beige and mocha, though. I have included a few good cruelty free color correctors in orange along with my Amazon Affiliate links to help you find the best concealer to cover your dark circles.

Best Cruelty Free Orange Color Correcting Concealers

NYX Corrector Palette
NYX Correcting Palette
This colorful NYX concealer palette provides you with an orangey shade to cover dark circles along with a pinky shade to brighten dull skin, a yellow to neutralize bluey tones, a green to neutralize redness, a purple to neutralize sallow areas and a tan to use for contouring. $12.00
Buy on Amazon for $8.59

Pixie Color Corrector

Pixie by Petra Correction Concentrate
This color corrector comes in two peach shades, Brightening Peach and Awakening Apricot. The apricot is a warmer color with more yellow in it than the peach. This is a waterproof formula so it wears well throughout the day. $17.43 on Amazon.

Jane Iredale Circle/Delete Concealer

Jane Iredale Circle/Delete Concealer
This peach concealer hides dark circles while conditioning the skin with moringa butter, avocado oil and green tea extract. There is also a yellow version available. $32.00
Buy on Amazon for $25.60

Becca under eye brightening corrector
Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector
This color correcting concealer comes in two colors, Pearlized Peachy Pink and Rich Pearlized Apricot. The pearlized finish helps to illuminate and brighten the under eye area. $32.00
Buy on Amazon for $27.00

Here is a Step by Step to Cover Dark Circles


Apply an eye cream first. Let it absorb for 5 minutes. Pat off any excess with a tissue.

Apply Concealer
Apply a peachy concealer. Use a concealer brush to apply the concealer right in the dark circle area, not all around the whole under eye area.
Blend Concealer
Use your fingers to lightly tap the concealer to blend it into your skin.

Apply a thin layer of foundation to the under eye area and to the other areas of your face. This will blend in the color corrector and conceal the rest of the under eye area.

Use a makeup sponge to gently pat your foundation over the concealer to blend but not remove the concealer. A makeup sponge also creates a beautiful natural looking finish for your foundation.

I hope this peach concealer trick helps you cover your dark circles and brighten your appearance better than a good night's sleep!

       Have a Beautiful Day! 
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