Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to tell if your Eggs are Fresh

egg in bowl water
Eggs offer high protein, that our bodies need for healthy tissue growth and repair, with low calories. 

Find out if your eggs are fresh with the bowl of water test. 

Put the egg in question in a bowl of cold water. A nice fresh egg will sink to the bottom and lay on it's side. A less fresh egg will sink to the bottom and stand on end. Old eggs float....toss them!

PS. I hear eggs that are a little old are the easiest to peel when they are hard boiled.

Have a Healthy Day!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Trick to Keep Lipstick off of your Teeth!

Cindy Crawford has a secret for keeping lipstick off of your teeth. Apply your lipstick. Put your index finger in your mouth. Close your lips around the finger while sliding in out. Voila! The lipstick is removed in just the right places so your teeth don't get lipstick on them.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Neutrogena Naturals

Neutrogena has come out with line a natural line. There are 4 cleansing products, a facial cleanser, a cleanser and makeup remover, a scrub, a face and body bar and 1 moisturizing product, a lip balm.  According to Allure Magazine, the Purifying Facial Cleanser is an effective gentle gel cleanser containing willow bark, a source of salicylic acid. The Neutrogena Naturals products are not tested on animals. Neutrogena is a Johnson and Johnson brand and therefore, other Neutrogena products have been tested on animals. I love the idea of this cleanser, especially because I know the acne facial cleanser in the regular Neutrogena line is good. But, I have to think about buying a product from a company that tests on animals. Do I want to support a cosmetic company that tests on animals even though the specific product isn't? Or do I buy the product to show the company that I want natural products that are not animal tested? Find Neutrogena Naturals in drug stores and on

Monday, March 21, 2011

2011 Spring Trend Review!

Skin for Spring has a flawless look. An even color with no redness, freckles or blemishes showing through.  This requires lots of concealer and foundation!  Match your foundation color by applying a stripe foundation on your cheek extending it over the jaw and onto the  neck. Look at it in natural light. You may need to try a few to get the right match. The right color foundation will not be an obvious stripe on your skin.  It will blend right in. Foundations with a yellowish tinge look natural on most people. For your concealer, choose a peach concealer to hide dark circles. Choose a yellowish concealer to hide blemishes and red areas.  Apply your concealer with a brush where needed. Then, apply foundation with a sponge or a foundation brush for natural looking coverage.

Another style tend for Spring is the imperfect center part.  The side swept hairstyles have been the rage for the past few years.  Now, it's time for hair parted in the center. Make sure that your part is a little messy and relaxed looking not old fashioned super straight and perfect!

Bright matte lipstick in Fuchsia, Hot Pink, Coral and Orange.  I love pink!  Revlon's Colorburst in Fuchsia #030 gives you intense rich color and feels light and moist on your lips. Apply the lipstick to your lips, then blot.  Keep the low luster matte look by not adding gloss.  Find Revlon color burst in your local drugstore for about $8.99. 

Eye shadow for spring is 
soft and pastel
bright and bold!

I love these eye shadow colors!  They are perfect for the Spring pastel look and I think the texture on the shadows add a bit of fun.  Revlon CustomEyes in Party Pops.  If you are not sure how to apply these colors, just look at the handy diagram on the back of the compact. It shows you how to wear all 5 colors at once. Have fun with it!  About $8.00 at drugstores.

Lime eye shadow is so in for spring! Try Wet n Wild Color Icon I Dream of Greenie Eye Shadow Trio! Find it in your local drug store. It's a great way to try a trendy color in an inexpensive way! 

Time to get out the old macrame belt, the crocheted shirt and the fringed bag.  That woven 70's look is back! We need some fun this spring after that long cold winter. Lace, macrame, fringe and tassels are all in for style. I've seen cool macrame jewelry, some great fringed bags and even shoes with beaded fringe on the heels. Put a little fringe on it, even better add some beads and I love it! 

Nail colors for spring are one extreme to the other.  Soft muted neutrals, greiges (gray/beige) and pastels are all the rage along with bold bright oranges, fuchsias and pinks.  It's nice to have choices!

I love Orly's Spring Nail Color Collection called Precious. The colors just say Spring!  You can find Orly Polish at Sally Beauty Supply for $5.99 or at salons.

Texas. This is the spring & summer collection from OPI. Lots of fun bright colors and brown, tan & gray.

Please note: Revlon is now on the animal testing list. It wasn't when this was written but it is now.

Have a Beautiful Day!

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Monday, March 14, 2011

MyChelle Fabulous Eye Cream

Mychelle eye creamIs Fabulous Eye Cream by MyChelle Dermaceuticals really fabulous? 

I'm forever searching for that perfect eye cream. Is my search over? Well, this cream claims to firm, reduces lines, reduce under eye shadows, reduce puffiness and hydrate. 

It contains Magnolia Leaf and Daisy Flower Extracts to help reduce under eye darkness. Allantoin and Calendula Flower Extract to calm. Retinol, Edelweiss Plant Stem Cell Culture and Corn Silk Extract to firm and reduce lines and wrinkles.  Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe to plump and hydrate. Various essential oils to soothe and hydrate. 

MyChelle products are vegetarian, some are vegan.They contain organic ingredients and they are not tested on animals. But, does Fabulous Eye Cream work? 

It has a flowery smell that is a little strong but nice, was not irritating and goes on nicely leaving a dewy finish. A little bit goes along way. It did hydrate well and also helped reduce the appearance of lines. It also slightly reduced puffiness. I am sorry to say, it did not do much for my under eye circles but, I haven't found an eye cream that helps get rid of dark circles yet!  

This cream can be used to smooth lines around the lips, too. I liked Fabulous Eye Cream and would definitely use it again even though it wasn't miraculous. 

Find it at Wegmans, and Amazon.

Have a Beautiful Day!

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Makeup Lesson: Lip Liner

Lip liner defines the lips, corrects minor imperfections in lip shape and helps hold lipstick in place.  Lip liner can be placed slightly outside the natural lip line to make the lips appear a little larger or slightly inside the natural lip line to make them appear a little smaller. It is important to vary the line inside or outside the natural lip line only slightly because a large variation will look unnatural.  Choose a lip pencil color that is close to the natural color of your lips.  I like Prestige pencils.  They work well and have a selection of colors. You can find them in your local drug store. 
Here is an easy way to get a nice, even lip line with your lip pencil. Connect to dots!

Start by making dots with your lip pencil at the points of the cupid's bow.  Then, draw a short line on the middle section of the lower lip.  Draw dots near the outside corners of the upper and lower lips

Connect the dots on the cupid's bow forming a V.

Now, you can connect the cupid's bow V to the to the dots near the corners of the upper lip. Then, connect the line on the middle of the lower lip to the dots on near the corners of the lower lip.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Dry Shampoo

Everything old is new again!  Dry shampoo is popular again. Anyone remember Pssssst dry shampoo?  It's still around!  

Dry shampoo is supposed to clean and freshen your hair without water removing oils between shampoos. They contain ingredients such as talc, starches, ground oatmeal, baking soda and clay. I never remember having much success with them.  My hair would feel like it had a coating on it. There are lots of new formulas now though. 

Dry shampoo is also being used by stylists as a styling tool on clean hair to add more volume and to help up styles hold better. To apply, start by combing your hair to remove and tangles. Then, spray the dry shampoo onto the hair near the roots. Massage it in and wait 5-10 minutes. You are now ready to brush it out. Give a good brushing then you can restyle your hair.  It can be a bit messy so use dry shampoo in an area that is easily cleaned up. 

Psssssst $7.00, Batiste $8.00, Salon Graphix $8 and Tresseme Fresh Start $6 are available in you local drug store.  Some other brands are Oscar Blandi $ 23, Rene Furterer Nutria Dry Shampoo $24, Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion $23, TIGI Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Little Secret $18.00. You can find many of these on and at salons and at drug and super stores.

Have a Beautiful Hair Day!

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mineral Makeup

mineral bronzer
Powder mineral foundation has been the rage since Bare Escentuals created Bare Minerals 20 years ago. It is a foundation in powder form made from natural minerals such as titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, mica and iron oxides. The ingredients in mineral makeup are gentle on the skin, are non drying and contain natural sunscreen making it a good choice for those with sensitive skin. 

Check the ingredient list on the product before you buy a mineral makeup. The list should be short and the ingredients should be names you can easily pronounce.  Some manufacturers are adding other non mineral ingredients to their mineral makeup so it really isn't pure mineral makeup.

Mineral makeup is easy to apply once you get the hang of it. Sprinkle a bit of makeup into the container lid. Swirl a nice fluffy brush into it. Tap off the excess. Now, you are ready to apply it to your face. Use circular motions with the brush. It will surprisingly give you nice coverage evening uneven skin tones and redness. 

You can find mineral makeup at many stores including Sephora, department stores and even in your local drug store. Just remember to read the labels to find a pure mineral product.

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