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Mango Lips

I'm not a big fan of orange. It just doesn't look that good on me, but, orange makeup is trending for 2020    Another reason I don't wear it often is, it tends to change colors on me. But, I will wear it occasionally since I work in the beauty industry and orange does work well for the Autumn season. Read Why Does My Lipstick Change Color on my Lips It has to be a cooler orange, a coral, for it to even remotely work with my skin tone. I want the look, but I don't want to pay a lot for it since it's a color I won't be wearing it often. NYX is a popular inexpensive brand. You can get NYX Butter Lipstick from $4.89 to $11.99 on Amazon depending on the color. Below are some Amazon Affiliate links for your shopping convenience. Try NYX Butter Lipstick in Fire Ball for orange with a bit of red in it. $4.89 Buy it on Amazon or Fizzies for a coral orange $8.49 Buy it on Amazon or Hot Tamale for a bright orange $11.99 Buy it on Amazon   You can easily enjoy a trend

How to make your lips look bigger & younger

When we are young, we have beautiful full lips. Time is not kind. Our lips become less plump due to declining collagen production. Lips start to look thinner and drier. They can also get more pale.  There is a way to turn back time a bit and make your lips look bigger and younger with a little lip skin care plus a little makeup magic. I'm giving you a lot of lip tips here. Feel free to pick and choose to use your favorite tips or try them all! Read How to Get Rid of Lip Wrinkles There is a lip plumping product that I adore!  It and some of my other favorite beauty products are included in my tips below along with my Amazon Affiliate links to help you get these great products for yourself. Click here to watch How to get Fuller, Younger Looking Lips in 8 Steps *************************************************************************************** I interrupt this post for a Funky Gift Alert!!!  I just saw Ryan Seacrest give Kelly Ripa a Rubber Chicken Handbag! He says it all the rag

Fall Nail Polish Colors: Zoya Luscious Fall 2020

Well, autumn is truly upon us now with all it's pumpkins, mums and richly colored leaves.  I'm ready for the beautiful fall nail polish colors. It's always hard for me to let summer go. You can bet, I will still be wearing my flip flop showing my pretty Zoya polished toes till it snows!🤣 Zoya, once again, has created a gorgeous collection of nail polish colors for fall, The Luscious Collection Fall 2020. There isn't a bad color in the bunch!!! There are 6 creams and 6 metallic colors that reflect the luscious  mauve, purple, red, copper, brown, green and blue  colors that you see in the fall flowers, the fall leaves and the fall sky.  These polish colors tend to look darker on the nails than they do in the bottle. They go on smooth and easy. These colors are all so pretty, you will have trouble choosing which on to wear first! I included some Amazon Affiliate links and Zoya links to help you find your perfect color for fall. Presenting the Zoya Luscious Collection for

Happy Halloween Nail Designs Ghosts Tutorial

It's time to add a little Halloween fun to your nails. We all could use more fun these days. Here are my shimmering ghost nails to celebrate Halloween if you haven't seen them before. I love how each one seems to have its own personality. This one is my favorite. These are not decals. I paint them on so they are my own original creations.  You don't have to paint one on every nail if you don't want to. One or two would look super cute! Here is an easy step by step to create them. I included some Amazon affiliate links & a Zoya link to help you find the perfect supplies. How to Paint Ghost Nail Art Polish your Nails I polished my nails with Zoya Matte Velvet Lacquer in Savita. Savita has been discontinued.   Zoya Iris Matte Velvet  is a beautiful substitute.  The deep purple metallic matte finish is gorgeous. It makes a perfect background for my little ghosts. Paint the White Ghosts Paint each ghost with a small paint brush and white acrylic craft pai