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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Mango Lips

orange mango lipstick

I'm not a big fan of orange. It just doesn't look that good on me, but,

orange makeup is trending for 2020  

Another reason I don't wear it often is, it tends to change colors on me. But, I will wear it occasionally since I work in the beauty industry and orange does work well for the Autumn season.

It has to be a cooler orange, a coral, for it to even remotely work with my skin tone.

I want the look, but I don't want to pay a lot for it since it's a color I won't be wearing it often. NYX is a popular inexpensive brand. You can get NYX Butter Lipstick from $4.89 to $11.99 on Amazon depending on the color. Below are some Amazon Affiliate links for your shopping convenience.

Try NYX Butter Lipstick in Fire Ball for orange with a bit of red in it. $4.89
NYX Fireball Butter Lipstick

or Fizzies for a coral orange $8.49
NYX Butter Lipstick Fizzies

or Hot Tamale for a bright orange $11.99

You can easily enjoy a trendy color without spending a bundle! 

Have a Beautiful Day!
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