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Monday, October 19, 2020

Happy Halloween Nail Designs Ghosts Tutorial

It's time to add a little Halloween fun to your nails. We all could use more fun these days.

Here are my shimmering ghost nails to celebrate Halloween if you haven't seen them before.
ghost Halloween nail designs
I love how each one seems to have its own personality.

This one is my favorite.
ghost Halloween nail design
These are not decals. I paint them on so they are my own original creations. 

You don't have to paint one on every nail if you don't want to. One or two would look super cute! Here is an easy step by step to create them. I included some Amazon affiliate links & a Zoya link to help you find the perfect supplies.

How to Paint Ghost Nail Art

Polish your Nails
I polished my nails with Zoya Matte Velvet Lacquer in Savita. Savita has been discontinued.  Zoya Iris Matte Velvet is a beautiful substitute. 

The deep purple metallic matte finish is gorgeous. It makes a perfect background for my little ghosts.
zoya matte velvet savita
Paint the White Ghosts
Paint each ghost with a small paint brush and white acrylic craft paint. I find acrylic paint easy to work with when painting small designs. It's also water based and dries fast. Paint an easy free form ghost shape. Let them all be different with their own little personalities.

Paint the Eyes and Mouths
Paint dots of black acrylic paint with the small paint brush for the eyes and mouths.  
nail design supplies
Add the Glitz!
Add some sparkle to give the ghosts their luminescence. Use the paint brush to dab on a bit of  Zoya Cosmo Pixie Dust and Zoya Hazel to each ghost.  While the polishes are still wet, sprinkle on a little loose iridescent silver glitter. Gently press it into the polish.

No top coat is used with matte nail polish to keep it's interesting matte finish. 

Topcoat can be added over the ghosts, though to make them glossy. 

My very favorite top coat is Seche Vite. It dries super fast and glossy! It's absolutely the best top coat!

I hope you enjoy creating your little ghost as much as I do!

Add a little whimsy to your nails!


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