Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat! Candy Corn Nail Designs

Halloween nail designs Candy Corn
Here are my super cute Candy Corn nail designs. They look great on every nail but my clients usually get just one or two as accent nails. They look super with a manicure done with orange nail polish. The Candy Corn nail design is a good nail design choice because it can be worn anytime for fall not just for Halloween. 

I started the design by shaping the nails to resemble the Candy Corn shape. Next, I applied a base coat. Then, I painted the design using white, orange and yellow acrylic craft paint. I started with the orange then added the yellow and white. 

I like using acrylic paint for nail designs for many reasons. It's water based so it's easy to mix colors and thin the paint to the right consistency, it doesn't clump up like nail polish can when painting a design and it's opaque. Acrylic paint applies easily over nail polish and it dries nice and fast. 

The acrylic paint does need to be sealed with nail polish so it does't scratch off. All the designed nails were sealed with Sech Vite, my favorite top coat.

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Happy Halloween!
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