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Zoya Easy Neon 2021 Summer Nail Polish Colors

Summer is right around the corner and that means we can breakout the bright fun summer nail polish colors for our fingers and toes! Zoya has provided us with the ultimate bright nail polish colors for this summer, the Easy Neon Collection. You can't get brighter than neon!!! Most neon nail polishes, no matter what the brand, require a special application technique of a base coat of white polish to achieve the ultimate bright, bold opaque color. Zoya has created a neon formula that does not require a coat of white to get the solid neon color look.  Being a fan of neon, I was excited to try this formula. I have smooshed many of my neon manis and pedis trying to achieve the ultimate neon look with that layer of white. So does Zoya's neon formula provide smooth, solid, bold neon color? Let's try it out! I'll show you how these colors worked for me and give you my review. You can use any base coat with this polish. I used Zoya Get Even Ridgefilling Base on my toes to create

Pink Makeup Looks with Pretty Pink Cosmetics

Who doesn't love a pink makeup look!  Pink is fresh, pretty and especially nice in the spring for Mother's Day.  I use pink often when doing bridal and prom makeup on my clients because it is soft and romantic plus, t here is a pink to suit every skin tone.  Cool pink, warm pink, soft pink, bright pink, light pink, dark pink. So many pinks to choose from! I have noticed Katy Perry is wearing a lot of pink makeup on American Idol. I love how her makeup matches her outfits. Her makeup always looks impressive! 💖 Zoya Polish in Janie, Urban Decay Lip Pencil in Frienemy, Ulta Beauty lip Plumping Gloss in Celestial, The Sweet Pinks by Juvia I will share with you some of my favorite pink makeup items that I use to create beautiful pink makeup looks along with my Amazon Affiliate links and other links to help you find them. Let's start with the eyes, then the cheeks, followed by the lips and finishing with the nails. Eye Shadows I use many eye shadow colors, usually 4 to