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Pink Makeup Looks with Pretty Pink Cosmetics

bright pink eye shadow look

Who doesn't love a pink makeup look! 

Pink is fresh, pretty and especially nice in the spring for Mother's Day.  I use pink often when doing bridal and prom makeup on my clients because it is soft and romantic plus, there is a pink to suit every skin tone. Cool pink, warm pink, soft pink, bright pink, light pink, dark pink. So many pinks to choose from!
pink cosmetics
I have noticed Katy Perry is wearing a lot of pink makeup on American Idol. I love how her makeup matches her outfits. Her makeup always looks impressive!💖
pink cosmetics
Zoya Polish in Janie, Urban Decay Lip Pencil in Frienemy, Ulta Beauty lip Plumping Gloss in Celestial, The Sweet Pinks by Juvia

I will share with you some of my favorite pink makeup items that I use to create beautiful pink makeup looks along with my Amazon Affiliate links and other links to help you find them.

Let's start with the eyes, then the cheeks, followed by the lips and finishing with the nails.

Eye Shadows

I use many eye shadow colors, usually 4 to 6, when I paint an eye. Sometimes, I seem to have a hard time finding the shades of pink eye shadow that I'm thinking of in one palette. That means using a variety of eye shadow palettes to find all the shades I'm looking for. Sometimes, I have to mix and layer colors to get the shade I want. 
pink eye shadow
For this pink makeup look I used 4 different pinks and a matte black as a liner.
pink eye shadows
pale pink & black eye shadow

Bunny Nose, from the Too Faced Natural Love Palette, went on the lid and inner crease. It's a very soft shimmery pink.

New Money, from the Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette, went on the outer lid and on the outer crease. I adore the intensity of New Money!

Hot Pants, from an Urban Decay Vice Palette which is no longer available unfortunately, went in the center of the eye lid.

Pink Cheeks, from the Too Faced Natural Love Palette, is a nice pale pink to highlight the brow bone. 

A thin line of Too Faced Decadent, from the Chocolate Gold Palette is a great black liner. 

I finished the look off with black mascara. 

For a softer look, Try Laura Geller Iconic New York Collection Uptown Chic Eye Shadow. It's pretty collection of pink, rose and gold hued shadows for those looking for a more subdued pink eye shadow look.

More Pink Palettes

the sweet pink by Juvia's

If you want a really bold bright pink look, try The Sweet Pinks by Juvia's Palette. My sensitive friends, this one is not for you. These highly pigmented colors may irritate the sensitive eye area. I find they can actually stain the eyelids!

 PS Pink and Angelic in the Honeybee Garden Cosmopolitan Palette create a really pretty soft pink shadow look. 

The Makeup Revolution Reloaded Provocative Palette is a lovely collection of 15 pretty shades of pink for under $15!
Most of the time, I use more than one color of blush to give the cheeks dimension. There are some great blushes that are multi colored to create a natural dimensional using just one blush product. 
pink makeup look
Laura Geller Baked Blush in Pink Buttercream is a beautiful pink that is multi colored to give a natural flush of pink.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Blush Trio in Pink Passion gives you three pretty pinks to layer and blend.
pink lipstick
I have a love affair with lipstick! There are at least a dozen lip colors in my handbag at any given time. Never mind what's in my lipstick makeup bag and what's in my new lipstick storage box!
lipstick storage box

If you are looking for a bold, bright, cool toned pink lipstick, try Zoya Lucky. It's a comfortable long wearing lipstick.

Lime Crime Wet Cherry Lip Gloss in Juicy Cherry gives you gorgeous glossy iridescent pink color. 
lime crime wet cherry lip gloss

I'm starting to recommend Cover Girl products since they are now cruelty free! Cover Girl Sugar Almond is a beautiful soft warm pink.
Covergirl Sugar Almond lipstick

For a rose pink, Too Faced Razzle Dazzle Rose is a beautiful rose that looks great on many skin tones.
Too Faced Razzle Dazzle Rose

Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Primrose is another lovely pink on the softer side. A perfect creamy bridal color.
smashbox Be Legendary lipstick primrose

Need a bold yet pale pink? NYX Matte Lipstick in Pale Pink is the softest baby pink.
Add a bright punch of pink or soft blush of pink to your nails to finish your pink makeup look!

Zoya Lola
Lola is a bright fuchsia with a duochrome shimmer.

Zoya Joey
Joey is a light, bright pink cream.

The Take Away
There is so much great pink makeup available. These are just a few of my favorite pink cosmetics. I'm always looking for more. As I mentioned, CoverGirl is now cruelty free which has opened up a whole cosmetic line for me to explore! Be on the look out for more CoverGirl products in my posts.

I hope my post has given you some pink inspiration! I am available to help you with your special occasion or everyday makeup if you live in the Philadelphia, Pa. area.

Feeling more purple than pink? See my purple makeup post!

       Have a Beautiful, Colorful Day! 
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Thanks for using my amazon links💋
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