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Zoya Easy Neon 2021 Summer Nail Polish Colors

Summer is right around the corner and that means we can breakout the bright fun summer nail polish colors for our fingers and toes! Zoya has provided us with the ultimate bright nail polish colors for this summer, the Easy Neon Collection. You can't get brighter than neon!!!

Zoya Easy Neon 2021
Most neon nail polishes, no matter what the brand, require a special application technique of a base coat of white polish to achieve the ultimate bright, bold opaque color. Zoya has created a neon formula that does not require a coat of white to get the solid neon color look. 

Being a fan of neon, I was excited to try this formula. I have smooshed many of my neon manis and pedis trying to achieve the ultimate neon look with that layer of white.

So does Zoya's neon formula provide smooth, solid, bold neon color? Let's try it out! I'll show you how these colors worked for me and give you my review.

You can use any base coat with this polish. I used Zoya Get Even Ridgefilling Base on my toes to create a nice smooth canvas for my swatches. Another ridgefiller I love to use is Seche Base Ridge Filling Base Coat. 

The Zoya Easy Neon colors dry very quickly with a semi matte finish as most neon polishes do. I really like how fast they dry. You can leave your nails matte or add a top coat to shine them up. 

Matte polish formulas typically don't wear as well as traditional nail polish finishes so top coat will not only add shine, it will improve wear. I also find a top coat can help smooth out minor streaks in polish. Here is Echo with Glossy Seal Top Coat. 

Zoya echo with glossy top coat

My favorite top coats are Seche Vite and Zoya Naked Manicure Ultra Glossy Seal. I have included my Amazon Affiliate links in this post to help you find my favorite products. I earn from qualifying purchases when you use my links at no extra cost to you!

The Easy Neon polish bottles feature the Z-Wide Brush to provide quicker more even polish application. This fan brush is thicker and wider than the Z-Classic Brush to give more polish coverage with each stroke. It works great!

Here is a comparison pic for you. If you find you like the Z-Wide Brushes that are in the Easy Neon polish bottles, they are available for purchase on the Zoya site for $2.00 and will fit in any Zoya nail polish bottle.

Zoya wants us to know the Easy Neon colors can vary slightly from batch to batch. Keep that in mind when your order these colors. They may look slightly different than my swatches.

Let's get to it! 

I tried all of the 6 Easy Neon colors on my toes and added toppers on a few of them to see how they look with a bit of shimmer. I'll show you how they look in inside light and how they look outside in some sexy black sandals!

Zoya Easy Neon 2021

Zoya Oakley

zoya oakley

Zoya Oakley is a sunny bright orange neon with 2 coat coverage. My orange fans, you are going to love this fiery orange! I find it needs 3 coats to give it solid streak free coverage. 

Here's another pic taken outside to show it's fieriness.

zoya oakley

I mixed a little of Zoya Nahla in some top coat to add an ever so subtle gold shimmer. Fabulous!

zoya oakley with gold glitter

This is Zoya Nahla

zoya nahla

zoya oakley in sexy black shoes

Zoya Zelda

zoya zelda

Zoya Zelda is a warm pink coral neon with 2 coat coverage. It's a beautiful color but I also find this one needs 3 coats to get solid streak free coverage.

zoya zelda in sexy black shoes

Zoya Janie

zoya janie

Zoya Janie is a super fun hot fuchsia pink neon with 2 coat coverage. This hot fuchsia is right up my alley! I find it also needs 3 coats. 

Add a topper of Zoya Leia to create a gorgeous shimmer.

zoya janie topped with zoya leia

This is Zoya Leia

zoya leia

zoya janie in sexy black shoes

Zoya Echo

zoya echo

Zoya Echo is a gorgeous blue neon with 2 coat coverage. 💙💙💙 You can actually get away with 2 coats with this one!

zoya echo in sexy black shoes

Zoya Banks

zoya banks

Zoya Banks is a cool vivid violet neon with 3 coat coverage. I seemed to have the most trouble getting good coverage with this one. It needed 4 coats and I even touched up spots after the 4 coats. It doesn't look very neon to me but it is a nice rich color. 

Add a topper of Zoya Leisel to create amazing depth and shimmer. Plus, for some reason, I think it actually looks more neon with the topper!

zoya banks topped with zoya leisel

This is Zoya Leisel

zoya leisel

zoya banks in sexy black shoes

Zoya Link

zoya link easy neon

Zoya Link is a warm toned electric neon green with 2 coat coverage. Again, I find it needs at least 3 coats for the best coverage. It's really a fabulous color that's getting a lot of attention at the salon! 

zoya link in sexy black shoes
There they are. The 6 Zoya Easy Neon 2021 Summer Nail Polish Colors!

The Take Away

I find one of the Zoya Easy Neon colors goes on with two coat coverage. The rest need 3 coats or more. Banks needs 4 coats to get opaque coverage. 

The Easy Neon colors will build up easily and do not need a white coat underneath to achieve bold neon color. Their wide brush works great!!!

The good thing is, it's easy to layer on the coats because the polishes dry very fast.

There is some slight streaking with these colors that isn't terribly noticeable unless you are looking very close. Adding a top coat will even out any streaks. 

Shine up these semi matte finish neons with top coat and add durability or leave them semi matte with no top coat.

The colors are all bright and fabulous and absolutely amazing for summer pedicures even though they need more than 2 coats!!!

A Little More About Zoya

Zoya is our favorite nail polish brand at the salon for its beautiful colors, its durability and the fact that it has non toxic ingredients. It is cruelty free.

Zoya professional nail lacquer wears quite well on natural nails and is free of the harmful ingredients formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, camphor, TPHP, parabens, xylene, ethyl tosylamide and lead. 

You can find Zoya products at salons including Styling Point, spas, and on Amazon

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