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Zoya Color of the Month

Hello friends! I don't know if you know about this interesting tidbit about Zoya, they have been making a special color of the month in addition to their seasonal color collections!  The Color of the Month began in 2023. These are limited edition colors, so you must grab them before they sell out. You can find the Zoya Color of the Month on the Zoya website.  I have included my Amazon Affiliate links to help you find great deals on things I use. I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases at no cost to you. Thank you for using them!  💕 This post will be an on going post where I update the colors as Zoya sends them. Enjoy! The Zoya Color of the Month Colors March 2024 Lucky What could be more springy than this super fun leafy green? Zoya Lucky is infused with gold & blue glitter with a fine sprinkling of magic fairy dust. No leprechaun could possibly resist this glittering green! I recommend using 2 coats of base coat to help prevent staining of your natural nails.  ☘ How c