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How do you get positive energy?

Hello my friend. Happy New Year! I haven't been focusing on my blog sorry to say. There have been so many distracting events and emotions going on with me. The number one event being my mother moving from independent living at her retirement community, to memory care, to full blown nursing care within one year. Dementia is stealing her away. Her symptoms lead us to believe she has frontotemporal dementia.  She still seems to know who the family is, but she no longer talks or expresses any emotions or does any daily care for herself. It's heartbreaking. The bright side is she appears to be very peaceful where she is with no anxiety. All this has lead me to do quite a bit of soul searching and digging deep into topics like what is the meaning of life and why are we even here on this earth. Heavy duty stuff. I can be hard on myself, feeling that what I do just isn't good enough or meaningful enough. It's negative energy that no one should be emitting.  So, I am working to