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How do you get positive energy?

Hello my friend. Happy New Year!

I haven't been focusing on my blog sorry to say. There have been so many distracting events and emotions going on with me. The number one event being my mother moving from independent living at her retirement community, to memory care, to full blown nursing care within one year. Dementia is stealing her away. Her symptoms lead us to believe she has frontotemporal dementia.  She still seems to know who the family is, but she no longer talks or expresses any emotions or does any daily care for herself. It's heartbreaking. The bright side is she appears to be very peaceful where she is with no anxiety.

All this has lead me to do quite a bit of soul searching and digging deep into topics like what is the meaning of life and why are we even here on this earth. Heavy duty stuff. I can be hard on myself, feeling that what I do just isn't good enough or meaningful enough. It's negative energy that no one should be emitting. 

So, I am working to get back to my positive energy self. I find myself attracted to psychic mediums, such as Theresa Caputo and Matt Frazier, who get messages from the spirit world. I actually saw Theresa Caputo years ago, but my friend and I were up in the nose bleed section so no reading for us! I find their books and videos very uplifting.  

I have included my Amazon Affiliate links to help you find great deals on things I use. I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases at no cost to you. Thank you for using them! 💕

I also find my self watching videos of people sharing their near death experiences. This attraction makes sense when you think about it. My dad passed in 2020 and mom will most likely be crossing over in the near future. The messages the mediums get from the spirit world are very positive and are reigniting my positive energy, raising my vibration, if you will. I have had some supernatural experiences in the past so I believe what they do is real.

As an esthetician, it is my job to not only beautify the skin and nails, it is to do a bit of  healing touch in the process. We beauty techs are also known to be much cheaper than psychologists! 😁 Positive energy is a must!

We are here to learn important lessons while on earth so it seems. Theresa Caputo's book, You Can't Make This Stuff Up, lists 23 lessons we need to learn to give us a better place on the other side and make us better humans. Lessons including being forgiving and being thankful. It's very enlightening. I recommend it.

You can get this book fast from Amazon.

It's all about raising our vibration (positive energy) and getting closer to God or the spirit in the sky or source of energy or the higher power or whatever you like to call this positive energy force. The lessons are not necessarily going to be easy. Life situations can be quite difficult as we all have experienced. The object is to learn and grow from everything we experience.

So, what do we need to do to get positive energy? 

It's a good question. One that I have been pondering and searching. We need to be happy people with positive energy. So how do it? The ways to get positive energy seem to repeat over and over in all the books I'm reading and in all the videos I'm watching. 

Let's take a brief look into some of the things we can do everyday to get positive energy for ourselves for a happier, better life.  

How to get Positive Energy 


Life is about love. We need to love more. Not necessarily romantic love, it's about loving all living beings. God, friends, family, your spouse, co workers, acquaintances, people you barely know, animals, plants, the earth, and most importantly, yourself. Is it easy? Sometimes yes. A lot of times no. People can be annoying and hard to love. Take a deep breath. We have to be patient with people and show some love.

Loving yourself can be particularly difficult. Many people feel they are not worthy of love or they feel they are being selfish and do not want to be a narcissist. Self love is taking care of yourself, giving yourself a break, being less critical of yourself, not letting people walk all over you, and doing activities that make you happy. Feeling happy is an important step to finding positive energy.  Happy people are kind, loving, caring, and forgiving which create positive vibes.

I recently read a helpful blog post about 7 ways to cultivate self-love from Calm. Click here to read it. Being more loving a big lesson to work on!  

Love creates positive energy.


Practicing gratitude is another biggy! Remember the gratitude journals years ago? My mother gave one to me and encouraged me to write 3 things I was grateful for everyday. Somedays it wasn't easy. We need to recognize what we are thankful everyday and see what is going right in our lives. See the positive even when things aren't going well. Look for that silver lining and be grateful for it.

Grateful people are more optimistic, less stressed, less anxious, sleep better, have more energy, and are more joyful. It's all due to a positive mindset.

An easy way to feel more thankful is to start your day thinking of what you are grateful for. It sets the tone for the positive day. End your day thinking of what you are grateful for. It sets the tone for a peaceful sleep. 

Being thankful and grateful creates positive energy.


There are times when forgiveness seems virtually impossible. But we have to do it. Forgiving someone who has done us wrong feels like something we just can't do. Trust is betrayed. Feelings are hurt. Hearts are broken. There is anger. Maybe we feel like that person doesn't deserve forgiveness. 

You have probably heard that forgiveness is for us more than them. It's hard to believe, but it's true. It may take time to forgive and that's okay as long as we work towards it, and eventually do it. Holding on to negative emotions, including resentment, anger, and revenge, only brings us down.  

Forgiving doesn't make it as if it never happened. It happened. We have to let the negativity with it go and move ahead in a positive light. 

Then there is self forgiveness. Many of us beat ourselves up over things we have done wrong. The event may repeat over and over in our heads. We are humans. We make mistakes. We need to learn from our poor decisions, let go of the guilt and regret, forgive ourselves, and be better humans. Mistakes are teaching moments. Life is constantly moving on and we need to move with it happier and more positive. 

I think I may order these cards 100 Mindful Prompts for Self Care and Stress Relief from Amazon. We all need positive affirmations to help us with self forgiveness!

Forgiving creates positive energy.


Meditation seems to be a big deal in becoming more self aware, creating inner calm, and raising your vibration. Everyone seems to be doing it! Some of us have noisy brains (me!) and find meditation to be an ongoing struggle (me!). Who can focus on nothing when there is so much to think about! 

I have found sound mediation is a more doable form of meditation. Maybe it will work better than quiet meditation for you too.

Click here for my 10 Minute Sound Meditation Video 

Meditation creates positive energy.

Sing and Dance

My sister's and my favorite way to create positive energy is to sing and dance like no one is watching! Oh we get flack for it when someone is watching. I don't get any eye rolling from my cats, though. They love when I sing to them! Music and dance have tremendous power to elevate the soul. 

Music, singing and dancing create positive energy. 

Commune with Nature

I call it garden therapy. Ground yourself getting in touch with mother earth by digging in the dirt and planting something that you can watch grow.  Visit a beautiful garden. It is inspiring to see what others have created using plants and flowers. Go for a hike in the woods. Go to beach and experience negative ions to revitalize your body.  The fresh air, sunshine, and the natural power and beauty around us raises vibrations.

See my favorite garden

Nature creates positive energy

Eat Healthy Plant Based Foods

Be mindful of the food you eat. A diet high in fruits and vegetables provides an abundance of micronutrients to increase your energy level and fight free radicals. Eat whole foods avoiding processed foods and sugary foods. Eat whole grain foods such as oatmeal and brown rice. Beans and lentils digest slowly stabilizing blood sugar for steady energy. Drink water with a squeeze of lemon, and herbal teas. Add fresh herbs and spices to your foods to raise the energetic vibrations and add more antioxidants.

Plant based foods create positive energy.

These are a few important ways we can get positive energy to get us started. Work into it. Start with the ways that are easiest for you then work on the harder things. Don't beat yourself up. We can't change everything overnight. We must start changing our attitudes and actions to become more positive. It's a process. 

I guess you could say it's my new year's resolution to work on becoming a more loving, grateful, forgiving, positive human to myself and others.

Thanks for stopping by to learn about getting positive energy. Remember to always buy cruelty free beauty and personal care products.

       Have a Positive and Beautiful Day!
Licensed Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Makeup Artist


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