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No Elastic! How to Make an Easy DIY Washable Fabric Face Mask with a Filter Pocket and Pleats

Hi Everyone!  I started making protective fabric face masks and I want to share with you how to make an easy DIY washable fabric face mask with a filter pocket and pleats with an easy no measure way to make the pleats. I'll show you the pattern I use and give you 12 step instructions with images on how to make to make a filter pocket face mask with ear loops or ties. This post includes: ✔The best fabric to use and why ✔3 No elastic strap options and h ow to make fabric ties for a mask ✔Directions on how to make a pleated face mask with a filter pocket and pleats in 12 steps ✔Links to my face mask tutorial video ✔Filter material options ✔Safest way to remove your face mask I've made hundreds so far so I've figured out a few tricks to make them better and faster. I am crazy busy making them for people who are local to Delaware County, PA.  Visit Ricci Crafting Company on Facebook I can't believe how many items are in shortage right now due to the COVID-1

How to Remove Gel Polish Manicure at Home with No Nail Damage

By now, your gel polish and fake nails are probably looking a mess! You are not alone. I just heard Kelly Ripa say she needed to get her gel manicure off. You can remove gel polish or fake nails yourself at home without any damage to your nails when you do it the right way. If you decide you will just peel your gel off, think before you do it. Peeling gel polish or any other nail product off of your nails will also peel off layers of your nails. Sure, the damage will grow out, but you will be living with weak nails that will bend and break. Nails can be left so thin, they actually hurt. Remove your gel polish or fake nails the right way! It's easy but a little time consuming and messy too. Most of us do have that time to get the job done since we are on #stayhome lockdown!!! Think of it as good opportunity to give your nails some much needed hydrating recovery time until the salons to reopen. Gel and acrylic can be very dehydrating for the nails. Plus, incorrect remova