Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ABC News: Woman get Voice back through Massage

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I have always believed in the healing power of massage. It can do amazing things both physically and mentally.

I saw a story about a woman who lost her voice due to a cold and how it was restored within 15 minutes through a simple massage.

Massage is truly healing and amazing!

I have posted the link to this wonderful video from abc news for you to see.

Embrace the Power of Massage!

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Monday, May 2, 2011

how to treat Toenail Injury

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Q. I stubbed my toe really bad! It is bleeding and the nail looks like it is lifting up! Will the nail fall off?  If it falls off what to I do? Will it grow back?

A. A stubbed toe nail really hurts and sometimes, they do fall off. 

How to Treat an Injured Toenail

Clean it up
Clean the injury with soap and water then, use peroxide. 
Apply the peroxide with cotton ball. 
Put on some antibiotic ointment and a bandaid.
Daily Care
Take care of the toe each day in that fashion as it heals. 

The nail may fall off if a lot of the nail was pulled up from the nail bed. You will be able to investigate the situation better as the nail bed heals and the toe stops hurting.
Products to Avoid
Avoid applying nail polish and using polish remover until the nail bed is healed. Both will sting the injured nail bed.
Keep the Nail Short
Keep the toenail cut as short as possible. As it grows, keep trimming it. You may need to press on the nail with your thumb when you are cutting to support it.  

Change Bandaids Frequently 
The bandaid will help hold the toenail on as long as possible. A new nail will be growing to replace the injured nail. That new nail will be under the lower edge of the injured nail that is pushing out and falling off. If the nail does come off, continue to keep the toe clean and protected with bandaids. 

Avoid tight shoes.
Tight shoes will feel uncomfortable on the injured toe and could cause it to detach too soon.

Watch Out for Fungus 
Also, be aware that fungus likes to sneak into a toe injury and take up residence. Avoid any areas, such as public showers, where fungus may be present. 

You will be able to see the nail growing from the cuticle area. The new nail will take 6 to 9 months to grow in fully. It may be a ridgy nail due to the injury, but it will grow back.

If the Nail Falls Off
If the nail falls off too soon before the new nail has grown in, keep the sensitive nail bed clean and well protected with a bandaid until the new nail has grown in and the nail bed does not feel sensitive.

Be patient and don't worry. Your nail will be good as new again in time.

Have a Happy Feet Day!
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