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Red, White and Blue Nail Designs: Absolut America Party with a Purpose & Lemon Moscow Mule Cocktail Recipe

My husband came home with a bottle of Absolut Vodka for his favorite summer cocktail, the Lemon Moscow Mule. The Absolut bottle was all cute in a red, white and blue design. I just love it!  ❤ I will be keeping this bottle, the empty bottle of course! 😜 As it turns out, this is a limited  edition  Absolut  America bottle to help raise money to Keep America Beautiful.  From May 1, 2018 till September 3, 2018, Absolut will donate one dollar to one of four  charities including  Keep America Beautiful   for each picture submitted showing how you party with a purpose this summer. You can select your charity and submit a pic on the  Absolut site .    (You will need to sign in with your age over 21.) Fun and giving back at the same time. It's all good! The simple painted design on the Absolut America bottle inspired me to create some bold, simple red, white and blue nail designs for the upcoming July 4th holiday. Simple stars and stripes painted with red, white and blue nail poli

Zoya Jelly Brites Nail Polish Swatches: A Glossy Sheer Nail Polish Collection

Zoya has created 3 new Jelly nail polish colors called the Jelly Brites.  This collection is a special edition for 2018. Zoya's Jelly finish formula is a super shiny buildable translucent nail polish.  The polishes are sheer but have a nice dose of bright color. You can wear them as a sheer color or build them up to a solid glossy color. I like to wear them with 4 coats for solid super shiny color.  The beautiful Jelly Brites colors happened to coordinate perfectly with the purple wave petunias in my the planters on my deck. So you know where my photo shoot took place...on the deck in the beautiful late afternoon daylight! A bee joined me during my Jelly Brites photo shoot and was getting nectar from my purple wave petunias in a curious way that had me fascinated. It was going to the base of the flower on the outside of the flower where the flower meets the stem.  I never saw a bee do that before. Interesting. Anyway..... I will show you how the polish looks as the

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara: Is it a good mascara?

Does Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara live up to it's name? Too Faced claims Better Than Sex Mascara is their #1 Selling Prestige Mascara and it's their best mascara. I love you Too Faced, but if this is your best mascara, I would hate to see your worst!!! I'll show you a picture of why it's not one of my favorites.  I used Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara on one of my prom clients recently. She actually brought her mascara with her to use. I have to say, it made her lashes look dark and long although, not quite as smooth as I like lashes to look. I decided I should try it on myself so I picked up a tube. The mascara packaging is beautiful! The mascara tube is a lovely color and has sturdy weight to it. The brush is an hourglass shape designed to separate, coat and curl the lashes. The mascara is carbon black and is supposed to give dark, thick, long lashes with just one coat. Add more coats for more drama. Here is a portion of the packaging bo

Products for Sensitive Skin: Yonka Paris Sensitive Skin Care Products

Many people say they have sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is skin that has redness to it or is hyper reactive and becomes red easily requiring special gentle care to calm it down. Sensitive skin can become red and irritated with pressure or too much rubbing.  People who have allergies tend to have over reactive skin that easily becomes irritated. People with rosacea have sensitive skin. Skin of any age and any type can be sensitive. Meaning young oily skin can be sensitive or older dry skin can be sensitive. Anti aging skin care products review Any abrasive product should be limited or totally avoided. Even soft fluffy makeup brushes can irritate those with sensitive skin and rosacea. Skin care products must be gentle and contain effective ingredients to help calm inflammation.  Calm and comfort your sensitive skin with Yonka's Sensitive line. It's in the Yonka Specifics category. YonKa has added three new products to their Specifics product line to help soothe and ba