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About This Blog
This blog, The Juicy Beauty Word, showcases makeup done by myself and hair done by colleagues and is a collection of beauty tidbits. It provides information and advice on looking your personal best, feeling less stressed and being healthy.  

It is also about healthy food and things to make your life a little more beautiful. There are postings providing beauty tips, beauty advice, product reviews, recipes, beauty for your home and also, various pages providing in depth information on specific subjects.  

The topics I choose to write about are topics that people frequently ask me about or topics that are trendy and interesting.  Being a part of the beauty and spa industry helps me keep in touch with the latest beauty happenings. I also provide links to products I recommend.

I read a lot about beauty products and services then, pass on information and perhaps express my opinion or the opinions of my product testers.  I am not paid by advertisers to recommend products but occasionally receive sample products to try and review. I just report information.  The Juicy Beauty Word provides general information and should not be taken as professional medical advice.  Always consult your doctor concerning medical issues including diets, exercise programs and taking nutritional supplements.

Stop by often. I know a lot of juicy beauty tips and remedies and am excited to share them with you!

About the Author
I'm Jill and making people look more beautiful is my business!  I am a professional licensed Makeup Artist, Esthetician, and Cosmetologist and have worked in Philadelphia area salons and spas for more 30 years. I do on location bridal makeup as well as in salon beauty services.

One of my passions is makeup and beautiful, luminous skin. The skin will take on a luminous glow with the right skin care routine, professional facials and a little makeup magic. Creating the perfect eyebrow shape flatters the eyes, refines your look and can even make you look younger. Adding a splash of color to your face, fingers and toes creates your own bright fun style. Let's make life a little more fun, healthy and colorful! 

My specialties include natural nail manicures, nail tips and wraps, pedicures, face and body waxing, facials for all skin types, everyday and special occasion makeup, especially bridal makeup! Working with many different product lines from the simple aromatherapy of Aveda to the luxury of the French line Yon Ka, has given me the opportunity to learn different techniques and philosophies. 
You can make an appointment with me at Styling Point in Media, Pa. for facial, waxing, nail and makeup services. 

I have worked with a variety of skin care issues and makeup needs as well such as: acne, cancer patients with skin sensitivity, rosacea, scleroderma, aging skin, and many excited brides. I am also well versed in traditional spa services including body wraps and massage.

My Credentials

PA Licensed Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Makeup Artist, Nail Technician, Hair Stylist. 

30+ Years of beauty care and makeup experience in salons, spas and on location makeup application: including bridal, fashion show and photographic makeup.

Professional training includes the following:

Bio Elements
Nellie DeVaust
Pamela Taylor
Rene Guinot
Young Living

I do special occasion makeup at your place or mine! Click here to view my makeup work

Why Healthy Food
Eating a healthy diet reflects in the skin. Healthy Food plays a huge role in my life. I spend a lot of time in my kitchen cooking creative healthy vegetarian meals that are so yummy, even dedicated carnivores eat them! I share some of my recipes on my blog. You can find them organized on my recipes page.

I also do a bit of sewing and crafting. I have a little etsy shop called Beach Ruffles. I make fun, frilly sarongs, aprons, jewelry, headbands, hair clips and more. I even make ruffled bandanas for dogs and cats! Have a look. You may see something you like for your next beach vacation or for looking cute in your kitchen while you bake!

I love a good flea market! Vintage items intrigue me. You never know what treasures are waiting for you. It could be a awesome piece of vintage pottery or a unique piece of furniture that needs to be brought back to life with refinishing or painting.

As a certified Home Staging Expert, I enjoy helping friends get their homes looking fresh and ready to be put on the sales market or just right for their own enjoyment.

Animals bring me joy! I love caring for them, domesticated animals as well as wildlife, and am an experienced pet sitter, feral cat care giver and have treated foxes for mange. I only use beauty products that are cruelty free. There is no reason for an animal to be afraid and suffer in a lab for us to look more beautiful.

Contact Info

Contact me by instagram or facebook messaging,

Call Styling Point 610 566-1070 to schedule an appointment for beauty services or check for wedding day hair and makeup service availability and details.

Thanks for visiting!

        Have a Beautiful Day! 
Licensed Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Makeup Artist

PS: Thanks for using my amazon & direct links💋
As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases at no cost to you. That keeps my blog running and supports the care of animals in need!😸


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This post is all about dermatofibromas and some remedies to help make them look better and ways hide them. It includes my Amazon Affiliate Links to help you find the products I talk about. Q. I have this brown bump on my leg that won't go away. What can I do about it? A. It could be a dermatofibroma. I see them often on my leg waxing clients. A dermatofibroma is a tan to brown benign raised bump more common in women than men and occur commonly on the legs. The bump feels hard under the skin and can be itchy, tender and easily irritated. A doctor will tell you not to worry about it because it's benign, but it's kind of ugly! Dermatofibromas are also called Benign Fibrous Histiocytomas. They are the result of some sort of injury to the skin such as an ingrown hair or a bug bite.  Be careful when shaving because a dermatofibroma may bleed and become sore if nicked. Don't think you can get rid of it by shaving it off. It will be an awful looking sore and will j