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Makeup by Jill, Gallery & Services

Makeup and Skin Care Services

By Jill
jill suzanne makeup artist applying bridal makeup
Photo by Danielle Coons
at my place or yours

prom makeup teal and peach
Weddings, proms, special parties and class reunions all require beautiful makeup and hair. I've been doing bridal and special occasion makeup in the Philadelphia, PA area for more than 30 years in salons, spas and on location. I love helping brides of all ages be an extra gorgeous version of themselves! 

It is my philosophy that makeup should enhance your natural beauty, not over power it. Camouflage the flaws and accent the assets. People should look at you and say, "You look beautiful!" not "Your makeup looks beautiful!".

I have a few tricks up my sleeve after all my years of skin care and makeup experience to give you a younger looking luminous glow that will photograph beautifully. It is my passion to only use amazing makeup and skin care products that are not tested on animals. 

Destination wedding? I can help you plan your makeup and what you need to take for your destination wedding. 

Please, scroll to view my gallery, services, onsite pricing and links to wedding blog posts.

Covid Info: According to PA cosmetology law, any service which requires the removal of a face mask cannot be performed at this time.

Contact & Scheduling Info: 
Send me an email:,
 contact by instagram or
facebook messaging,
 or call Styling Point Salon: 610 566-1070 for in salon services and scheduling

 Makeup Magic

Bridal & Special Occasion Makeup Gallery

Bride at the Gifford Risley House B&B in Media Pa

bridal makeup

bridal makeup
Hair by Cathy
Photo by Jen Woodruff
bridal makeup before and after
Click here to see the video on how I did the shades of purple makeup for the beautiful bride in the photos above.
natural country bride

bridal makeup
bridal makeup
bridal makeup
Photo by Danielle Coons
smoky eye bridal makeup
bride and mother

bride and her mother

bridal makeup
Hair by Andrea

bridal makeup

bridal makeup
Hair by Cathy
Photos by Joe Pucinella
beautiful bride with baby

eyeshadow with dark outer corners & red lipstick

bride with veil
bride with rose lipstick

bride with hand on chin makeup by Jill Suzanne

engagement photo makeup
bride in robe
bride in black and white
mother of the bride and bride
bride looking down
portrait of summer bride
summer bride

engagement photo makeup

Bride and Bridesmaid makeup

bridal makeup
bridal makeup before and after

bridal makeup
bridal makeup


four brides
fashion show makeup
fashion show makeup
bride fashion show makeup

luminous skin makeup by jill suzanne

bridal makeup with fiber lash extensions
Hair by Cathy

bridesmaid makeup
Hair by Cathy

Bridesmaid makeup

bridal makeup with strip lashes

winter bridal makeup

bridal hairstyle
Hair by Cathy
mother of the groom

photographic makeup for mainline health ad

Autumn wedding party makeup

Autumn bride makeup

prom makeup with red lips
before and after prom makeup

prom makeup

prom makeup

bridal up hairstyle
Hair by Cathy

blue dress and shadow

red dress and red lips

prom makeup

Hair by Andrea
prom makeup

smokey purple shadow

prom makeup

pink makeup

bride looking out window

On Site Makeup Services
Hydration Treatment- $40.00
Includes cleansing, toning, mask, hydrating serum and moisturizer.

Formal Makeup Application - $80.00
Includes toner and moisturizer

Strip Lashes- $10

Lash Flares - If desired, 6 to 8 accent lash flares are complimentary.

Tattoo Coverage- Tattoo coverage is priced according to amount of area to be covered. 

Travel Fees
I am located in Newtown Square, Pa., Delaware County (not Newtown, Pa, Bucks County). I am currently providing on location makeup services to Delaware County & Chester County in Pa. only, therefore, there are currently no travel fees.

More Makeup Services
Wedding Day Makeup Planning- See me at my location or at the salon for a makeup plan and application. I can help you with your makeup shopping and provide you with a detailed written makeup plan to take with you to your destination wedding. 

Special Occasion Makeup- See me at my location or at the salon for prom or other special occasion makeup.

Glamour MakeupSee me at my location or at the salon for a glamour makeup application complete with sexy strip lashes and smoky eyes for a special night out on the town or a glamour photo shoot. I can also come to the photography studio if you arrange it with your photographer.

In Salon Services
Styling Point, Media, Pa

Facials- beginning at $45.00
Brow Shaping- $18.00
Casual Makeup Application- beginning at $45.00
Bridal Makeup Application- beginning at $65.00
Back Treatments- beginning at $45.00
Waxing- Facial and Body
Manicures- beginning at $24.00
Gel Polish Manicures with Shellac- $32.00
Pedicures- beginning at $40.00
Formal Hair Style- beginning at $85.00

Some Details:
You can see me at the salon to work on your skin with a series of in salon facials to get it looking clearer, brighter and younger for your wedding day. I can also expertly shape your brows so they accentuate your eyes perfectly.

You can come to the salon in Media, Pa to have your makeup done (as well as your hair done by an amazing bridal stylist!) or to my place in Newtown Square, PA or I will come to your place to do makeup for you and your bridal party provided your home, hotel or wedding venue is located in the Main Line, Delaware County or Chester County areas surrounding Philadelphia.

A bridal hairstylist can be arranged to prepare you and your bridal party with hairstyles. We arrive at your home, hotel or bridal venue approximately 4 hours before your photographer is scheduled to arrive with all necessary beauty tools. A trial makeup and hair styling is recommended but not required. Trial makeup and hair are usually done in salon or studio locations.

Contact Info: 
 Send me an email,  
contact by instagram or
facebook messaging,
 or call Styling Point Salon: 610 566-1070 for in salon services and scheduling

More About the Makeup Application
My goal is to enhance your natural glowing beauty not overpower your face with dark heavy makeup. I want you to look like an extra gorgeous version of yourself. Brides need to look their very beautiful best for their special day and for their photographs. I will help you achieve your unique bridal vision.

Waterproof eyeliner and mascara with added fiber extensions can be used in the makeup application as well as makeup techniques for lasting makeup. Only disposable mascara wands are used.  

I may want to tweeze a few stray hairs from your brows but a complete brow shaping on wedding day will cause too much redness. 

A small touch up lipstick can be provided with your makeup application if needed. 

Cruelty free Makeup brands that I use include Cinema Secrets, Youngblood, Urban Decay, Tarte, too faced, Lorac, Smashbox, Wet n Wild and NYX.

Special Note:
Plan your brow waxing carefully. Your makeup may not go on well if you have your brows waxed a couple days before or the day of your event. Dead skin cells are exfoliated when the wax is pulled off leaving the skin super smooth. Foundation and eye shadow will not adhere well to that smooth skin.

Bridal & Prom Blog Posts:
Spring Brides

       Have a Beautiful Day! 
Licensed Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Makeup Artist

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