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Natural Bridal Makeup

bride with veil
Makeup by Jill Suzanne

"A bride's appearance on her wedding day should be the single most spectacular visual component of the entire celebration!"
-Autumn 1986 issue Bridal Guide Magazine
I love this quote from Bridal Guide Magazine. I love it because a completely agree! Everyone waits excitedly for that first glimpse of the bride as she appears at the back of the aisle.

She should take your breath away with her whole bridal look... the dress, the veil, the hair, the makeup, the jewelry. Every detail is important to create a bride's perfect bridal vision that will live forever in memories, videos and photographs.

Many brides say they don't wear a lot of makeup and they want to look like themselves on their wedding so they shy away from having professional makeup done on their wedding day.

Professional makeup is a must for brides! I always use a light hand on brides who desire to look natural on their wedding day. I can minimize flaws, accentuate your good features and make your skin glow. You will look more gorgeous but still natural in your pictures.

Plus, the makeup will feel light, not heavy or oily. I take the utmost care with those who have sensitive skin. I use gentle moisturizers, toners, primers and foundations to keep the skin calm and irritation free.

Here is one of my brides who doesn't wear a lot of makeup. She looks fresh and natural in her makeup in soft, warm shades of peach and brown.
natural bridal makeup

I recently did natural bridal makeup for this bride in soft pinks and browns. She also doesn't wear a lot of makeup.
She looked absolutely gorgeous! Soft and natural with flawless skin. You see her, not her makeup. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post with all the details on this bride's Lancaster County, beautiful, unfussy wedding!

Click here to see the details on this Lancaster, County wedding

You can see me for in salon makeup or on location makeup in the Philadelphia, Pa. area. I can help you create your own spectacular bridal vision whether it is a simple natural bridal look or a dramatic bridal look complete with long false lashes.


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