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Over Exfoliated Dehydrated Skin

Exfoliation. It's a big deal in skin care. Exfoliation removes dead skin which makes our skin look younger, helps prevent clogged pores and promotes collagen production. There is an enormous emphasis on exfoliation in the skin care industry right now. Maybe too much emphasis.  Can exfoliation be over done? It can indeed be over done. Especially in the winter when the skin is in a dryer, more delicate condition. Signs that your skin is over exfoliated: Dehydrated, dry and tight feeling skin Skin has a burning sensation Skin care products burn when applied Sensitive, irritated, rashy areas Flaking Redness If your skin is feeling this way, stop all forms of exfoliation and use a gentle, minimal skin care routine to let the skin calm and heal. Skin Care Products to heal Over Exfoliated Dehydrated Skin Use No Exfoliation Products, at All!   There are a lot of exfoliating products and exfoliating ingredients hidden in skin care and makeup products. Exfoli