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Face Mask Breakout: "Maskne" Prevent it, Hide it, Heal it

We need to wear our face masks to protect ourselves and others from COVID-19. It's not fun. Nobody likes it, but it is necessary to keep people healthy, and to keep our restaurants and small businesses open.  Plus, it is the perfect opportunity to express ourselves with a bold, cute or silly fashion mask! Have you found your skin is breaking out in the areas covered by your face mask? Me too!!! There is a new term to describe this sort of breakout, "Maskne".  The warm moist environment under your face mask encourages the growth of the bacteria that causes acne. As if we don't have enough to worry about!  You may have particular trouble on the areas of skin where the edges of the mask fit tightest against the skin such as under the jawline, across the nose and the upper cheek area.  Not only can the skin breakout more in those areas, it can also become dry, irritated and chafed from the mask rubbing the skin plus, it can trigger a rosacea flare up. 🤦‍♀️ The stress we