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The Good Hair Diet

So many hair products say they offer nourishment for your hair. Can a hair product really nourish your hair? Your hair can certainly absorb a certain amount of ingredients from hair products. A hair product can definitely condition and moisturize your hair plus create a barrier between your hair and the heat from blow dryers and styling irons.  The higher quality your hair products are, the better your hair will look and feel. High quality professional hair products contain better ingredients to improve the look and feel of your hair. Try Paul Mitchell products for smooth shiny hair To make it strong and healthy, give your hair real nourishment from the inside where it really matters. There are specific foods that you can eat to give not only your hair and scalp, but your skin and nails what they need to be healthy and beautiful.  You will not see immediate results when your change your diet, though. The new healthy hair has to grow from the scalp. Get regular haircuts to h