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Fall Nail Colors: Zoya Classic Leathers Polish Swatches

Zoya has given us Part 2 of their fall nail polish colors for 2022, Classic Leathers, vegan leather of course!!!  Click here to see Part 1: Café Creams & Metallic Dreams The inspiration for this collection is the beautiful colors of the fall handbags we see on the runways. These colors are rich and bold just like the colors we see in nature in autumn. There are six opaque creamy colors in this collection. I found most of them provide full coverage in two coats. I had a little trouble with one of the colors needing more coats to even it out. I decided these bold colors are perfect toe colors so I used my toes for my polish swatches! I started with Zoya Get Even as my base coat to help smooth my toe nail ridges and finished with Zoya Ultra Glossy Seal as my top coat. I also included handbag inspiration for each nail color. You can find these bags on Amazon for amazing prices. The links to the bags are my Amazon affiliate links. I earn from qualifying purchases at no cost to you when

Fall Nail Colors Swatches: Zoya Café Creams & Metallic Dreams

Time for new Zoya nail colors! I do apologize for the late posting. I had a major computer issue which delayed my post!  Fall has arrived whether we like it or not. Personally, I never want summer to end! The long hours daylight, beach days, and laid back summer vibes are good for the soul. There  some good things about fall coming. We get new fashion trends, new fall nail colors, and pumpkin spice everything which always sparks joy, for most people. 😄 Zoya has created not one but two collections, so far, for us for fall 2022. These collections are Part 1 of their fall nail polish palette.  The most recent release, The Classic Leathers Collection, is Part 2!  Click here to see my Zoya Classic Leathers post I've got a lot to show you in this post. The Zoya Café Creams Collection is a coffee inspired collection. There are five yummy creams and one sheer sugary sparkle that makes a marvelous topper. Then, there is the Metallic Dreams Collection . Three gorgeous glitzy colors to give