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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Is Talc a Dangerous Cosmetic Ingredient to Avoid?

Are there ingredients in your skin care, hair care and makeup products that are cancer causing? Take a look at one of your beautiful eye shadow palettes or maybe your face powder or powder blush. Go ahead take a look. Do you see talc? 

talc in cosmetics
Most likely, it's listed right near the beginning of the ingredient list which means there is a significant amount in the product. 

Remember the Johnson and Johnson talcum powder lawsuits and that it was then recommended that women should stop using body powder's containing talc because women were getting ovarian cancer linked to talc? 

We switched to cornstarch powder years ago at the salon when we do bikini waxing and body waxing for the safety of our clients.

What is Talc?
Talc is a clay mineral composed mainly of magnesium, silicon and oxygen that is mined from the earth. Sound safe right? It absorbs moisture and oil, has a soft silky feel, makes makeup products opaque and has anti caking properties.  

So how can talc cause cancer? 
Talc that is contaminated with asbestos in the mining process causes cancer.  There are many countries that mine talc. Countries that produce talc include China, South Korea, India, The United States, Finland, Brazil, France, Italy, Russia, Canada, Austria and Japan. Lots of places! I'm sure some countries are more careful in the mining process than others. Just so you know, the FDA does not regulate cosmetic grade talc or other cosmetic ingredients.

Is all talc contaminated?
No. It is possible to mine talc to prevent asbestos contamination.

How do you know if the talc in your eye shadow or other powder makeup products is contaminated? 
You don't know, unless you are buying from companies that actually oversee the mining process for their ingredients, require their suppliers to certify that their talc is asbestos free, and routinely test their ingredients for contaminants.

Buy beauty products from clean beauty companies! 
When you buy from clean beauty companies that focus on product safety and the safety of their ingredients, you won't have to worry about contaminated talc or other cosmetic ingredients that could can be contaminated. Their ingredients are routinely tested for impurities and/or are purchased from reputable suppliers that certify the purity their ingredients.

What does clean beauty mean?

Are there other cosmetic ingredients that can be contaminated? 
Yes. Any ingredient that is mined can potentially be contaminated depending on how and where it is mined. Two commonly used mined cosmetic ingredients are mica and iron oxides.

Mica is a very common ingredient found in makeup. It creates the beautiful shimmer in eye shadows, highlighters and other illumining products. It's a natural ingredient that is mined from the earth and can be contaminated with lead, manganese, chromium and aluminum.  

Iron Oxides are natural pigments used in cosmetics that are a mined cosmetic ingredient that can be contaminated with lead and other heavy metals.

Read about lead in lipstick

Why are clean beauty products more expensive?
Safer, high quality beauty products will generally cost more due to the extensive measures these companies take to ensure the safety of their products. Cheaper ingredients make cheaper products.

I think it's worth paying more for a better, safer products. I don't want any chance of cancer or lead poisoning due to my beauty products! 

I have used all kinds cosmetic brands in the past at all price points. Now I choose to buy high quality products from cosmetic companies that make safe, healthy ingredients a priority. And, of course, the brands I recommend are cruelty free.

Some brands are also fighting for laws to regulate the beauty industry so every beauty product, no matter where we would buy it and what it would cost, would be safe from harmful ingredients. They want to make safer products available to everyone. That is important to me. I hope it's important to you too!

Are there Talc Free Clean Beauty Brands?
Yes. There are many clean and natural beauty brands that have formulated their products without talc. These brands still contain mica and iron oxides but because they focus on ingredient safety, their products are free of or have minimal contaminants.

Here are a few of them along with Amazon shopping links for your purchasing and browsing pleasure:

RMS is a natural, non toxic, clean ingredient, talc free brand transparent about their ingredients
Shop for RMS

Gabriel, Zuzu Luxe
Gabriel Cosmetics, which includes Zuzu Luxe, is an organic, natural, talc free, non toxic brand transparent about their ingredients. Made in USA.
Shop for Gabriel and Zuzu

Ilia is a clean beauty brand using safe natural and synthetic ingredients, it's talc free, and is transparent about their ingredients.
Shop for Ilia

Vapour is a clean, green brand using responsibly sourced natural and organic ingredients and is talc free.
Shop for Vapour

W3ll People
W3ll People is a natural brand using premium natural ingredients. They make their products in small batches and they are talc free. Made in USA.
Shop for W3ll People

Honeybee Gardens
Honeybee Gardens is an affordable talc free natural brand who donates monthly to no kill animal shelters. πŸ’™
Shop for Honeybee Gardens

I hope this post has provided you with a little beauty tidbit you didn't know before. 
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       Have a Safe Beauty Day! 

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Monday, September 2, 2019

Remove product build up from your hair with vinegar shampoo: Maple Holistics Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

I've been having a lots of trouble with my hair being terribly frizzy. It's always had a bit of frizziness but has been worse than ever since I started using a product that was supposed to calm the frizz. The product is Framesi Color Lover Progressively Smooth. 
framesi color lover progressively smooth
This product is designed to penetrate the hair and transform it from the inside out. They say the more you use the product, the smoother the hair becomes. Not the case for me. The more I used it, the more unruly my hair became!!! It's quite frustrating and disappointing. I wanted to love this product. Maybe it will work better for you if you want to try it. Some people love it. 

I needed something to remove the product build up from my hair, calm the frizz and get it back to normal asap! I needed a good clarifying shampoo. A clarifying shampoo is a shampoo that is designed to remove excess oil and products that have coated and accumulated in the hair. Maple Holistics Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo was just what my hair needed. 
maple holistics apple cider vinegar shampoo
Really, I have had fantastic results removing the build up of that Framesi product from my hair and calming it down. My hair has made an amazing recovery from using this shampoo. Look how shiny and smooth it looks!
shiny hair
This shampoo works so great at cleaning the hair, cleaning the scalp, and adding shine because it contains real apple cider vinegar.

The Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair

🍎It removes product built up from the hair.

🍎The slightly acidic pH of Apple Cider Vinegar helps keep the cuticle of the hair flatter and closed resulting in smoother, shinier, less frizzy hair.

🍎It has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties to keep the scalp healthy and treat dandruff.

This shampoo has many other beneficial ingredients for the hair in addition to Apple Cider Vinegar. Here is the ingredient list.
maple holistics apple cider vinegar shampoo ingredients
Glycerin, Sunflower, argan oil, joboba oil, castor oil, rosemary oil, wild mint oil and botanical keratin are wonderful ingredients for adding shine and conditioning the hair. 

Plus, this rich pearly shampoo has a fresh, clean citrusy smell I just love! It lathers up wonderfully, as well and is safe for color treated hair. I always enjoy a shampoo the creates lots of lather. πŸ’› It just makes me feel like my hair is getting really clean. The bottle I had was used up way too quickly. Apparently, everyone else in my house liked it too. I've got to order more!

A 10 ounce bottle sells for $12.95 on the Maple Holistics site and on my favorite shopping place Amazon. 

Shop on Amazon.

It's always important to use a conditioner after washing your hair especially when using heated styling tools like blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons.

I recommend the Maple Holistics Argan Oil Conditioner. Argon Oil is fabulous for conditioning and smoothing hair. A 10 ounce bottle of the Maple Holistics Argan Oil Conditioner sells for $11.95 on the Maple Holistic site and on Amazon, too.

Shop on Amazon.

Read more tips for conditioning your hair

There's another thing I need to share with you about Maple Holistics. They have an awesome recycling program with a reward for your effort for help save Mother Earth. For every empty six bottles of Maple Holistics products you return to them by mail, you get a free bottle of shampoo or you can have an equivalent value donation made to an environmentally charity. I think that's pretty great! 

Click here to read more about the Maple Holistics Recycling Program.

I thank you for using cruelty free, environmentally friendly products with safe ingredients. We all need to do our part to make the world a better place!

       Have a Beautiful Hair Day! 
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