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10 Tips to Get a Great Pedicure

It is so luxurious to go to the salon or spa for a nice relaxing great pedicure.  I've been giving people pedicures for more than 30 years and I want to give you some tips  to make your pedicure experience a great pedicure experience! I included some Amazon Affiliate links to help your find the product to make your pedicure the best! 10 Tips for a Great Pedicure 1. Wear the right shoes Wear the right shoes to the salon when having a pedicure. Be sure that all of your toes stick out of the shoe.  A flip flop or any thong type sandal works the best.  Putting a closed toe shoe on just after a pedicure just doesn't work out. It will smoosh or make prints in nail polish that isn't dry all the way.  There is an oil and plastic wrap trick we use at the salon if it's the dead of winter and you want to put your Uggs on to head outside. But, w e usually say to wait at least 2 hours before putting any closed toe footwear on after a pedicure. Toeless Yoga Socks are a great o