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10 Tips to Get a Great Pedicure

get a great pedicure

It is so luxurious to go to the salon or spa for a nice relaxing great pedicure. 

I've been giving people pedicures for more than 30 years and I want to give you some tips  to make your pedicure experience a great pedicure experience! I included some Amazon Affiliate links to help your find the product to make your pedicure the best!

10 Tips for a Great Pedicure

1. Wear the right shoes
Wear the right shoes to the salon when having a pedicure. Be sure that all of your toes stick out of the shoe. 

A flip flop or any thong type sandal works the best. 

Putting a closed toe shoe on just after a pedicure just doesn't work out. It will smoosh or make prints in nail polish that isn't dry all the way. 

There is an oil and plastic wrap trick we use at the salon if it's the dead of winter and you want to put your Uggs on to head outside. But, we usually say to wait at least 2 hours before putting any closed toe footwear on after a pedicure.

Toeless Yoga Socks are a great option during cold weather. You can wear them with your flip flops to help keep your feet warm and your toes pretty while they dry. 

The yoga socks that fit around each toe also help keep your toes separated while nail polish is applied.

Toeless yoga socks

It's fine to put any type of shoe on if you have had light cured gel polish applied during your pedicure. It is instantly cured dry from the light.

2. Put those flip flops on before polish
Put your flip flops or sandals on before your polish is applied. 

That way you won't wreck your polish trying to put your shoes on and you don't have to wait hours at the salon for your polish to dry.
zoya maren in boho thongs

3. Avoid shaving before a pedi
This is important! 

Don't shave your legs before a pedicure. I know, you want nice smooth legs for your pedicurist but, shaving may cause a tiny nick for bacteria to enter it.

This is especially important when you are having a pedicure in a whirlpool pedicure bath. Those inner pipes and jets may not be as clean as they should be. They may be harboring bacteria, fungus and more.

We only use foot baths with disposable liners at the salon to provide the cleanest, safest pedicure.

Besides the infection threat, your skin may be sensitive to any scrub used on your legs.
foot bath with liner

4. Try a Toe Waxing 
Have your toes waxed during your pedicure for a super clean hair free look that lasts. 

Shaved toes can feel stubbly and dark hairs show through the skin. Not so with waxing. The hair is pulled out from the root so the skin is super smooth and there is no hair to show through the skin.

A toe waxing is an inexpensive add on service that is well worth it. No Hobbit Feet, Please!

5. Mention your Health Issues 

It is important to tell your pedicurist if you are diabetic or have any other circulatory problem.

You need extra special care such as the appropriate water temperature and an extra gentle touch!

6. No Foot Fungus! 

Do not get a pedicure if you have athletes foot!!!

It is contagious fungal infection plus, your feet will most likely feel sore from the infection. The scrubbing involved in a pedicure will only cause more irritation.

See your podiatrist for the appropriate anti fungal treatment. You will be free to get a pedicure after the infection clears.
zoya walker
7. No Ovals 
Have your toenails trimmed straight across with smoothed corners to help prevent ingrown toenails.

Oval shaped toenail may look pretty but ovals increase the chance of the sides of the nails growing into the skin.

8. No Razors!

Do not let your pedicurist use a razor on you. 

A razor may be great for removing calluses but, a razor can also cause serious injuries and they are illegal for salons and spas to use in most states.

Have your callouses smoothed with a foot file or disposable pumice. Better safe than sorry.

9. Pick a Color that Looks Great on You 

There are so many great colors to express your individuality. But, choose a fun nail polish color that flatters your skin tone. 

Warm skin tones look best wearing warm colors such as warm yellow greens, coral, orange, orange red, warm reds, peach, yellow, tan, warm browns, gold and warm plums. 

Cool skin tones look best wearing cool colors such as blue toned pinks, blue reds, blues, blue greens, purple, wines, cool browns, and silver.

My favorite nail polish brand is Zoya. It is a 10 free healthy polish with tons of amazing colors. I have lots of posts on Zoya's beautiful collections and polish color swatches.
Zoya Harbor

There are so many gorgeous colors it's hard to choose one!

10. Get a Quick Drying Top Coat

Have a quick dry top coat applied for a super glossy finish. It speeds up drying time and reduces the chance of smudges.

My very favorite fast dying top coat is Seche Vite. There's nothing better for a super fast drying, glossy top coat! $5.99 on Amazon.

Take good care of your feet! I find most of us take our feet for granted. When they hurt, it makes us feel miserable.

I hope these 10 tips to get a great pedicure help you get your best, safest pedicure ever! 

Stay Healthy and Beautiful! 
Licensed Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Makeup Artist

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