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A Late Summer Wedding

Saturday was a beautiful day for a wedding. The sun was shining brightly and the temperature was warm but the humidity was low. We arrived in the morning to do the hair and makeup for our friend's early afternoon wedding.  The bride worn her hair pulled back into large low bun with a few pieces down in the front which added softness around her face. I like the soft romantic feel the loose pieces create.  She had a fabulous rhinestone headband. It looked absolutely amazing, shimmering in the light, especially in the  summer sun. For her makeup she chose a neutral dramatic eye with a nude lip. It was special for me to do the matron of honor, who was the bride's sister, and mother of the bride's makeup because I did their makeup 6 years ago when the matron of honor was a bride!  The matron of honor worn her hair pulled to one side and curled with a decorative gold comb in the back. For her makeup, she wanted a pinky gold shimmery eye to coordinate with the co

Lorac Pro Palettes Eye Shadow Palettes

I decided I needed more eye shadow because a girl can never have too much eye shadow and because I'm always looking for pretty colors to use for bridal makeup.  The Lorac Pro Palettes looked good to me. There are 3. The fact that the newest Pro Palette 3 recently hit the shelves made me want to go to Ulta and look at them. Each palette is $44 and each contains 16 shadows which are 8 shimmers and 8 mattes. The mattes are the top row, shimmers are the bottom row.   The colors are basically neutrals like the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. Here they are so you can compare them. Lorac Pro Palette: Lorac Pro Palette 2:   Lorac Pro Palette 3: I thought I would be purchasing the new palette 3, but when I saw it in person I realized I had many similar colors in a small Lorac palette. So, it was between the original palette and palette 2. I really like the nectar, plum, navy and charcoal in palette 2 but the rest of the colors also look too much like colors I have. I went wit

Is Mosquito Shield Mosquito Control Spray Safe?

I need help my internet friends! I have been searching, unsuccessfully, for information about the chemicals used in the proprietary Mosquito Protection Blend (MPB) that Mosquito Shield uses to spray residential properties. This is the Mosquito Shield franchise company founded by David Briggs, not to be confused with the Canadian Mosquito Shield Inc. company or Mosquito Shield Bands. Mosquito Shield claims their spray kills mosquitoes, masks CO2 and repels mosquitoes. I can't help but wonder what other insects it kills... bees, butterflies, lady bugs, fireflies, etc. I spoke with a franchise owner about what was actually in the spray. He was not a little bit forthcoming about it. He just kept saying how safe and natural it is. He said it is so safe that the technicians don't even wear masks when they spray. Funny thing is, he did wear a mask while he was spraying it!!! When I expressed concern about the chemicals and the feral cats in our neighborhood, he said it was safe f

An Easy Butterfly & Hummingbird Garden & Hummingbird Necter Recipe

Sometimes you have to blow off what you are supposed to be doing and just enjoy a nice summer day to add some joy to life. For me, a nice summer day should be spent relaxing on the deck or fussing in the garden.....that is, if you can't be on the beach of course! This is my butterfly and hummingbird garden which is right outside my kitchen door. It's just little, but there's a lot of action going on. We just need to take a little time to actually see the action!   bees... dragonflies... butterflies... hummingbirds... goldfinches... Even a feral cat friend enjoys a morning nap on a cool rock. Believe me, it's not complicated to create a small garden space to attract the attention of butterflies and hummingbirds. We planted easy, common flowers to attract them. Plus, the hummingbird feeder filled with sugar water is a hummingbird magnet! Make your own sugar water instead of buying the commercial hummingbird nectar from stores. It's easy