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Beautiful Glitter Nail Polish: The Zoya Dazzle Holiday Nail Polish 2021

I don't know about you, but I am a lover of glitter nail polish. I just love to be mesmerized by nails that sparkle and shine, especially when the sun hits them. The past few Zoya nail polish collections, The Nostalgic Collection , The Rose Palette , and The Sunset Palette , have been collections of creamy polishes. All lovely, but no glitz to satisfy my craving for glitter. Zoya must have heard my despair because their latest collection, Dazzle, is all glitz!!! There are 5 shimmering glitter nail polishes and one shimmering Hot Lips Lip Glossy Lip Balm in the bunch. What I really like about these glitter nail polishes is, the shimmering particles are very small which creates a smooth sophisticated reflective surface that has depth. Most of these polishes get their shimmer from glistening glass fleck which I find quite fascinating.  All of these polish colors apply smooth, easy and streak free. The colors are classic looking holiday colors, a white, a gold, a red, a blue, and a pur

The Washington at Historic Yellow Springs Review & John Serock Catering Review

Well it happened.  My daughter's September 2021 wedding at The Washington at Historic Yellow Springs has come and gone in a flash. The day was truly magical and spectacular!!! And the weather was absolutely perfect. It couldn't has been better! The two years of planning were all worth it.  We chose John Serock as our caterer. He is a preferred caterer for The Washington and has catered many weddings at there. We heard great things about his food. Being foodies, having delicious fall themed food was really important for us. We were counting on the food being as delicious as it was at our tasting. Read about our tasting at John Serock I'll tell you all about the day, show you the makeup and hair, share lots wedding day pictures, tell you about all our vendors and give you links to find the best products and wedding services!  I have included my Amazon Links in this  post to guide to to some great products. Remember, I earn from qualifying purchases at no cost to you which he