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Orange Almond Salad Recipe

Orange Almond Salad is a simple fresh tasting salad.  My mother in law just loves it and asks me to make it for just about every family gathering. Many people ask me for the recipe so I am posting it for you all!  It consists of romaine lettuce, red onion, mandarin oranges and almonds with a vinaigrette dressing. Simple, healthy and flavorful! It's perfect at lunch or dinner. There used to be a restaurant, some of you may remember, called The Magic Pan. It was a crepe restaurant that made a tasty orange almond salad. I loved to get the spinach souffle crepe with an orange almond salad. Mmmmmm, it was so good!  I want to share with you my mother's orange almond salad recipe which is similar to that Magic Pan orange almond salad. Not only is this salad yummy, it is packed full of nutrients. For years lettuce got a bad rap as being low in nutrition. Not so. Scientists have become aware of the importance of micro nutrients and phyto chemicals for a strong immun

Candy Cane Nails and Strawberry Santa Recipe

My 2015 Christmas nail designs I'm getting ready for Christmas with my candy cane nails designs and strawberry Santas!  A couple years ago I made these cute little strawberry Santas for Christmas breakfast. They were a big hit. Each one seems to have it's own personality. I think I will make them again this year. They are really very easy to make. Strawberry Santas The leafy top of the berry will be the bottom of the Santa.   Prepare the strawberries by cutting the top off straight across so that they are flat and will stay upright, then hull  them . Cut the pointed end of the strawberry off. It will be Santa's hat. Whip heavy cream with a little confectioners sugar, about 1 tablespoon to taste, and a splash of vanilla and set it aside. Arrange the berries on a flat surface such as a plate or a cookie sheet. Put a dollop of whipped cream on top of the strawberry. Add the pointed piece of the strawberry. Add a little dab of whipped cream on the

Pantone Color of the Year 2016

Every year the folks at the Pantone Color Institute come up with the Pantone color of the year. The Pantone Color Institute is a color research and color information center. This year we get a bonus. There are 2 colors of the year!  Rose Quartz  and Serenity Rose Quartz is a soft pink. Zoya Dot is a good match.  Serenity is a sky blue. Zoya Jo is a close match.  Think of the sky at sunrise when you see beautiful pinks and blues that gently merge together. This is a sunrise pic I took a couple years ago. The sky looked magnificent! I am so excited I get to use it as a perfect example of the beautiful colors of Rose Quartz and Serenity! It is interesting to me that the colors of the year are soft gentle colors for this coming year. Most of the colors in the past have been very bold colors. These soft colors have a peaceful, calming, gentle feeling which we desperately need in our world now. Maybe Rose Quartz and Serenity will inspire a fresh gentle, yet powerful, attit

Hair Products: Pai-Shau

Green tea is one of the desired anti oxidants now a days to help make us healthy and younger looking, so why not use it in our hair! We just got a new luxury hair product line in at the salon and it's key ingredient is a blend of teas including green tea.  It's called  Pai-Shau, Passion for Life. The exotic name comes from the word for passion in Portuguese. The products are packaged in rich looking gold and purple bottles. So how exactly do you pronounce Pai-Shau? Our beauty rep says to pronounce Pai-Shau kind of like pie shell. It is a luxury hair care line created by the former CEO of Moroccan Oil,   Zohar Paz . Pai-Shau is a tea based line of products to moisturize, shine, nourish, strengthen, and protect the hair without weighing it down.  He was got his inspiration for the tea based product line from a visit to Vietnam where tea is used as an ancient beauty ritual.  The products contain their Signature Exotic Tea Complex which is a blend of black tea, green tea, pu

Christmas Gadgets: Drone with Video Camera, GoPro Camera and Samsung Smartwatch

I case you haven't noticed, I enjoy making videos! Here is a link to my youtube channel: .   I use a variety of cameras to make videos: my Motorola android phone, a Canon Vixla HD Camcorder and a GoPro Hero. All of them take decent videos. GoPro Hero The GoPro is the best of the 3. It's the newest camera we have. It's small so it's easy to travel with, it's easy to use, it's waterproof and takes super underwater pics and videos. It also easily attaches to yourself for hands free action videoing.  Take it with you when you go to Rick's Cafe in Negril, Jamaica. The Jamaicans will dive with your camera, for a price of course!  My husband also loves to use the GoPro with a drone for beautiful aerial pics and videos. He recommends the Go Pro Hero 4 Silver because he likes the touch screen and the smart remote. It's great for action videos! Samsung Gear S5 Smartwatch He is quite fond of his gadgets. Toys I call t