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Hair Products: Pai-Shau

Green tea is one of the desired anti oxidants now a days to help make us healthy and younger looking, so why not use it in our hair! We just got a new luxury hair product line in at the salon and it's key ingredient is a blend of teas including green tea. 

It's called Pai-Shau, Passion for Life. The exotic name comes from the word for passion in Portuguese. The products are packaged in rich looking gold and purple bottles. So how exactly do you pronounce Pai-Shau? Our beauty rep says to pronounce Pai-Shau kind of like pie shell.
pai-shau hair products
It is a luxury hair care line created by the former CEO of Moroccan Oil, Zohar Paz. Pai-Shau is a tea based line of products to moisturize, shine, nourish, strengthen, and protect the hair without weighing it down.  He was got his inspiration for the tea based product line from a visit to Vietnam where tea is used as an ancient beauty ritual. 

The products contain their Signature Exotic Tea Complex which is a blend of black tea, green tea, pu-euh tea, white tea and African red leaf tea, antioxidants, panthenol, and Vitamins B,C,E. The products smell divine! Fresh and clean. A very spa like scent.

These products are vegan, gluten free, paraben free, sulfate free, phosphorous free, have no added sodium chloride and are not tested on animals. There are five products at this time, more are on the way, and the prices range from $26 to $45. A bit pricey, but it is a luxury, high end line of hair care products.

Replenishing Hair Cleanser
A moisturizing shampoo. It lathers really well and smells clean and fresh! 250ml/8.4oz $26, 1000ml/33.8fl oz $78

Replenishing Cream Conditioner

A daily conditioner to strengthen the hair and calm the cuticle of the hair. Calming the cuticle of the hair creates shine. It also smells clean and fresh! 250ml/8.4fl oz $28, 1000ml/8.4fl oz $84

We found our client's dry, frizzy hair remarkably softer feeling and manageable during blow drying after using the cleanser and conditioner. 

Bisphatic Infusion 

This is a rejuvenating concentrate to be used as a primer on towel dried hair to strengthen and moisturize the hair, provide thermal protection, smooth and defrizz. Shake the bottle to blend the tea ingredients then apply a nickle size amount to your hair. It can also be used on dry hair to add shine. 120ml/4fl oz $45

It smells yummy, like a men's cologne to me. It gave my hair a little more shine and was helpful in calming the frizzies when applied to my hair when it was dry.

Supreme Revitalizing Hair Mask

This is a 5 minute treatment to moisturize the hair, create volume, softness and shine. Apply a quarter sized amount mid shaft to ends after using the Replenishing Hair Cleanser, leave in 5 minutes and rinse. Use it when you want a deeper conditioning treatment. 280ml/9.5fl oz $43

The hair mask was a nice treatment done at the shampoo area of the salon. The smell made the treatment feel very spa like. Our client's was hair softer, shinier and easy to comb through.  

Style Souffle

This medium control styling cream provides anti oxidants to help the hair stay moisturized during the styling process. It creates volume and memory to your style. It can be used for styling with or without heat. 250ml/8.4fl oz $32

pai-shau ritual box
This beautiful box looks like a long stem rose box but it is the Pai-Shau Ritual box that contains small sizes of the 5 Pai-Shau products. For $60 you can try all of the products. It would make a fabulous gift. We have them at the salon for purchase.
Styling Point in Media, PA. 
It's a very impressive presentation.
pai-shau products in ritual box

These are beautiful luxurious products. We found they performed well on every client we use them on. The products improved the hair by making it softer, shinier, calmer, easier to comb through and silky... on everyone. Amazing!
We give Pai-Shau a big thumbs up!

Visit for a salon locator.

I also found the products on Amazon for a variety of prices. 

        Have a Beautiful Day! 
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