Monday, March 30, 2015

Jessie's Girl Liquid Glass

Shiny, glittery lips are so fun and sexy. This shimmering gloss caught my eye in Rite Aid the other day. Jessie's Girl Liquid Glass. I purchased Idyllic, a pale lavender pink with silver glitter for $4.99. 

Jesse's Girl Liquid Glass
A perfect pastel for spring. I am not a big fan of lipgloss. It always feels sticky, my hair gets stuck to it and it doesn't last. But, how could I resist this glittery pinkness!
pink shimmer lip gloss
This color provides light sheer coverage with fine particles of glitter, and has a light vanilla scent. The other colors provide more pigment. It feels a bit sticky to me but all lip glosses feel stick to me.
Nude Pink lips
Here it is on. The picture doesn't do it justice, though. It looks much more shimmery in person. I think it would look amazing over a pale pink lipstick. I'll work on a better pic for you.

It doesn't have the the best staying power. The gloss wears off leaving a layer of silvery glitter behind, but it is so shimmery fun, I will use it and try some other colors. 

Here are the colors available on 

and on Amazon

IdyllicLight lavender purple with pink and silver glitter

Cinnamon GirlRose beige with holographic flecks
Cherry Bomb- Vibrant orange red
Scarlet Fever- Deep maroon red
Mellow Drama- Classic red
Razzle Dazzle- Medium fuchsia pink
Lip Lock- Bright carnation pink
Sunset Kiss- Orange based coral with gold shimmer
Papaya- Pink grapefruit with pink & gold glitter


Have a beautiful day!

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Hair Style and Color Tips to look Younger

Dry, gray, frizzy hair says, "I am getting old"! There are a few things you can do with your style and your color to help you and your hair look younger.

Start with the right cut.
Blunt cut hair with thick straight across bangs is geometric and bold looking. A great cut for younger women with nice wrinkle free skin. We need more softness as we age. Subtle layers and fringy bangs are a gentle, more flattering choice. Long hair tends to drag the face down. Bouncy shoulder length or shorter hair will give the face a lift.

Add soft style.
Wavy and softly curled hair is more anti aging than super straight hair. Again it's the softness.

Hair is that full with volume has a younger appearance than flat hair.

Add shine.
Young hair is shiny. Use oil, such as Moroccan oil, to help condition the hair and add shine.

Get rid of the frizzies!
Dry frizzy hair just looks old.

1. Use the right Products: Use shampoo, conditioner and styling products to moisturize and control frizziness. Your hair stylist will be able to recommend the right products for you.

2. Blow Dry with Control: Smooth your hair with a round brush as you blow it dry in a very controlled fashion. Clip your hair up and dry it section by section to control frizz. 

3. Use a curling iron for more smoothing.

Cover that gray.
Multi dimensional color creates a more youthful look than a single all over hair color. Multi dimensional color is achieved with the use of more than one hair color during the hair coloring process. It creates depth and a natural multi colored look that a young girl may have in the summer time. Highlights and low lights also create a dimension look.
A little effort and you will have younger looking beautiful hair!

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Have a good hair day!

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Skin Care Tips

Happy first day of spring!!!!!
Time to bring our dry skin back to life after a long cold winter, even though some of us are
getting snow today:(

Take short warm showers.

Apply body lotion within 3 minutes after showering.

Exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cell build up and get the blood flowing to the surface of the skin. Use a moisturizing scrub in the shower, such as Burt's Bees Honey and Shea Sugar Scrub once a week.

Apply a moisturizer that contains a bit of self tanner to give you a little color.

Eat lots of veggies high in beta carotene, such as sweet potatoes and carrots. They will help to give you a glow.

Get outside for a brisk walk. The exercise will stimulate circulation and make you sweat hydrating the surface of the skin. Don't forget your sun screen!

Have a beautiful day!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Eye Shadow for Spring 2015

Blue Eye Shadow
Eye shadow colors for spring can go along with the subtle no makeup look or they can be the polar opposite, super fun high voltage bright bold color! The nude shadow look has been around for a few years now. I think people could be getting a bit bored with it. Bold colored shadow, particularly blue, has also been around for a couple years. 

People like the idea of color, but are not sure what to do with it so they shy away from it. An easy way to use bold color is to apply soft neutral shadow that you are comfortable with, then add bold color on the outer eyelids. Another easy way, apply the bold color to your eyelids only, avoid the crease and brow bone. 

As for shadow finish, matte is always a good choice but shimmer is the word!

So which bold shadow colors are hot? There is lots of peachy coral, purple, green and still some blue. Let's check some popular go to on trend brands. 

We have Urban Decay. Shadow Box Eyeshadow Palette, $34. 
urban decay eye shadow

Peach/Coral- Free Love
Purple- Flash and Tornado
Green- Indo
Blue- Moon Shadow

Sin and Blackout are two of my all time favorite colors. By the way, peachy shadow make blue eyes pop.

Too Faced Sugar Pop, $36.
too faced eye shadow

Peach/Coral- Macaroon
Purple- Blackberry
Green- Blue Raspberry
Blue- Sugared Violet

They also have that bright pink Bubblegum. Looks fun, but you have to be careful with pinks. They can make you eyes look red like when you are feeling ill.

NYX has these new prismatic shadows. Just the word prismatic makes me love them! $6 each.
nyx eye shadow

Peach/Coral- Golden Peach and Fireball
Purple- Punk Heart
Green- Mermaid and Jaded
Blue- Blue Jeans

They also have a beautiful pink Girl Talk, a soft warm pink.

There are the hot bold spring shadow colors. Now go play!

Have a Colorful Day!

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Eye Makeup for Glasses

Eyes can get lost behind glasses. There are a few things you can do with your makeup to enhance your eyes, give you a younger look, help eyes stand out and look beautiful.

Eye Shadow Tips
Start with a little color. Neutral shadows have been the rage for the past couple years but I find a bit of eye shadow with color can add a brightness and help eyes pop behind glasses.

Nothing crazy like bright blue. Some nice combos are

pink and plum 

peach and olive green
mauve and charcoal
pale gray and denim blue

Eye shadow with a soft shimmer also adds light and brightness. Avoid those old fashioned frosted eye shadows.

smoky eye shadow

Keep the shadow on the eyelids and a little in the crease. Don't take it up to the brow bone.

Define with Eye Liner
Line your eyes with a dark brown, plum, charcoal, black or even navy blue liner. Make the line on the top thick and the line on the bottom thin.

Accentuate Your Lashes

Curl your lashes. Curling makes the lashes look longer and gives your eyes a lift.

Add two coats of black mascara on top lashes. Use a lengthen formula to make them look a little longer. Add one light coat to the bottom lashes. The dark mascara make the whites of your eyes look brighter and intensifies your eye color.

Groom your Brows
Don't forget about your brows. Clean up stray hairs for a clean look. Give the brows a fuller bolder look by filling them in with a brow powder.
eye makeup for glasses
There now! Those eyes don't get lost!

Have a beautiful day!
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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How to Repair a Nail with a Nail Wrap

Nail wraps are a great way to fix a broken nail.

Not those beautiful Jamberry wraps used as art for the nails. 

I'm talking about the old fashion wraps that were used years ago to fix broken nails or overlay the nails for strength. 

The advantages of nail wraps are they are lightweight, thin, have flexibility and do minimal damage to the natural nails. They are the most natural way to fix a nail. 

My nail business is the care of natural nails, as opposed to doing artificial acrylics and sculpting gels, so I use wraps often. 

I have clients who have permanent vertical cracks in their nails. I keep those types of nails wrapped all the time and maintain them each time the client comes in for a manicure. 

Here is a bit of nail wrap history.......
Paper Nail Wraps
paper nail wrap
paper nail wrap
Nail wraps became popular in the 1970s as paper wraps that were applied to the nails using a nail polish like adhesive. 
They did no damage to the nails at all. The problem with them was they came off when you removed your polish so therefore, had to be redone each time the polish was changed.

Then came cyanoacrylates, aka Crazy Glue and 5 Second Nail Glue. Paper wraps could be attached more permanently. A piece of the paper part of a tea bag worked nicely as a wrap too! Nails fixed with paper required a lot of maintenance. Many times, a hard nail will crack right through the wrap.

Linen Nail Wraps

 Then there was the linen wrap. 
linen nail wrap
linen nail wrap
Linen wraps were very durable on the nails but they were so thick and noticeable under polish. They were not sticky like the silk and fiberglass wraps available now. You can imagine how difficult it was to glue a thick piece of linen onto a nail and get it to look presentable. The cool thing about linen was, you could make a nail extension with it due to it's strength and thickness.

Today, the nail wraps of choice are silk and fiberglass applied with nail glue or resin.

Silk Nail Wraps

silk nail wrap
silk nail wrap
Silk wraps came first. The original silk wraps did not have an adhesive side. They were a bit tricky to apply to the nail with nail glue. Sometimes, it was difficult to get the edges of the wrap to stick down. Silk has a nice tight weave and is a durable fabric. It virtually disappears on the nail when glue is applied.

Fiberglass Nail Wraps

fiberglass nail wrap
fiberglass nail wrap
Then, fiberglass came along. I first used fiberglass with the Backscratcher's Glass Glaze Wrap System in the late '80s. Fiberglass is very thin and has a looser weave than silk yet creates a strong wrap. It will fray more than silk during handling and it doesn't disappear as well as silk when resin is applied. I apply 2 layers of fiberglass when mending a crack. I find that the layers create a tighter weave that is better at holding a nail crack together. For my vegan friends, fiberglass is the way to go.
 My choice is silk because of it's tight weave and the fact that it disappears when glued. For me, it makes a strong repair for a broken natural nail. It also makes a nice overlay on natural nails or nail tips. A well done wrap is smooth, blends in with the natural nail and does not show at all when the nails are polished. 

Acetone will dissolve the nail glue or resin slightly when polish is removed. Non acetone polish remover will not dissolve the glue. I add another thin layer of glue during a manicure if I feel the coating of glue or resin is getting too thin. The goal is to let the crack grow out so I want to keep the nail wrap on and strong as long as possible. I do replace them as needed.

Here is a badly broken nail that I mended with silk wrap. The broken nail was trimmed to take some stress off of the cracked area. Repairs hold better on shorter nails, but they can be done on long nails, too.
cracked nail repair before & after
We got this wrap to hold until the crack reached the free edge.

(Note: The blue spots you see are remnants of the dark blue polish the client was wearing when she broke the nail playing tennis. The polish seeped under the nail during polish removal. It's not mold.)

If you want to repair your broken nail yourself, you can find nail wrapping materials at beauty supply stores such as Sally Beauty Supply.

Let me show you how it's done. Watch my video How to repair a broken nail with a nail wrap on youtube!

You can always come see me for nail services at Styling Point in Media, Pa. if  you live in the Philadelphia Delaware county area!

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