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Monday, March 9, 2015

Eye Makeup for Glasses

Eyes can get lost behind glasses. They can look washed out or eye makeup can look too bold. 

There are a few things you can do with your makeup to enhance your eyes, give you a younger look, help eyes stand out and look beautiful while you are wearing your glasses.

Eye Makeup Tips When you Wear Glasses

Wear the Right Eye Shadow Color

Start with a little color. Neutral shadows have been the rage for the past couple years but I find a bit of eye shadow with color can add a brightness and help eyes pop behind glasses.

Nothing crazy like bright blue. Some nice combos are

pink and plum 

peach and olive green
mauve and charcoal
pale gray and denim blue

Eye shadow with a soft shimmer also adds light and brightness. Avoid those old fashioned heavily frosted eye shadows. Here are a couple palette with some good colors along with Amazon Affiliate links to do some shopping.

The Too Faced Chocolate Bons Bons Palette gives you a nice selection of colors to work with.

I also like the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette. It has some great peachy shades to add brightness.

smoky eye shadow

Keep the shadow on the eyelids and a little in the crease. Don't take it up to the brow bone.

Define with Eye Liner

Line your eyes with a dark brown, plum, charcoal, black or even navy blue liner. Use a pencil liner. It's the easiest type of eyeliner to create a soft natural looking line. Make the line on the top a little thick and the line on the bottom thin.

Accentuate Your Lashes

Curl your lashes. Curling makes the lashes look longer and gives your eyes a lift.

Add two coats of black mascara on top lashes. Use a lengthen formula to make them look a little longer. Add one light coat to the bottom lashes. 

The black mascara make the whites of your eyes look brighter and intensifies your eye color.

Groom your Brows

Don't forget about your brows! Clean up stray hairs for a clean look. Give the brows a fuller bolder look by filling them in with a brow powder.
eye makeup for glasses
There now! Your eyes won't get lost behind those glasses!

Have a Beautiful Day!
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