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The Zoya Toasty Collection Winter 2023

Zoya has given us the Toasty Collection as their transitional winter 2023 collection for this year. This collection of 6 creamy nail polishes is warm and cozy! There are 2 grays, 2 pinks and 2 wines. All of them have a neutral vibe about them.  I had a cat helping me with my photo shoot as you can see in the picture above! 😹  See the silly Youtube short Here is a skittles manicure to show you the collection. The Zoya Toasty Collection ABIGAIL Zoya Abigail a medium grey, with cool undertones in a cream formula. It provides nice coverage in 2 coats. CRYSTAL Zoya Crystal is a muted grey mauve with warm undertones in a cream formula with 2 coat coverage. This color has been the favorite at the salon. RAE Zoya Rae is a dusty rose, with subtle warm and tan undertones in a cream formula with 2 coat coverage. HATTIE Zoya Hattie is a rosy, warm pink in a cream formula. 2 coats covers beautifully. ELOWEN Zoya Elowen is a rich cabernet in a cream formula. I find this color goes on a bit streaky

Is Sugar Bad for Your Skin? Can Sugar Cause Wrinkles?

  We love our sugar! Especially when we are stuck at home. I know I have a weakness for anything chocolate. A few pieces of Dove Dark, vanilla buttercreams covered in dark chocolate, chocolate cake with buttercream frosting and ohhhh, fresh bake chocolate chips cookies!!!🍪 To die for!!! But, we all know eating a lot of sugar is bad for us. But, why is sugar bad for us when it tastes so good? It's just plain not fair. The American Heart Association, back in August 2016, issued new recommendation for kids and the amount of sugar they should eat. Children and teens ages 2 to 18 should have no more than 25 grams of added sugar per day. Children under 2 should have no added sugar. Adults have a sugar limit as well. Why is sugar bad for you? Lately, I have been hearing even more about sugar. It's not good news. Eating sugar causes chronic inflammation that can lead to a variety of disorders and diseases like some cancers, rheumatoid arthritis and cardio vascula

Rosacea Flare-up | My Rosacea Skin Care Regimen | Treatment to Kill Demodex Face Mites & Heal the Face Rash

Your poor face. It is red. It is hot. You have a face rash that is scaly with pimples. Your doctor says you have rosacea, but you don't want to take antibiotics and use the traditional doctor prescribed rosacea treatment.  I'm here to help you help your skin!  I can show you how to treat type 2 rosacea face rash flare-ups with over-the-counter remedies. As an esthetician, I have seen lots of clients suffering with rosacea flare-ups. I too have been diagnosed with rosacea and experience an occasional flare-up of type two rosacea when I get  into trigger overload. I have a rosacea treatment plan to kill Demodex face mites and clear the rosacea face rash beautifully. My skin type is sensitive combination. 🔴Let's start by getting some facts about rosacea so my skin care regimen makes sense 🔴learn about rosacea triggers and possible causes  🔴do some Demodex Q&A   🔴see the list of my rosacea treatment products 🔴and go over my rosacea skin care regimen for a type 2 rosac