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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Prom Makeup: Should your makeup match your dress?

It's so hard to choose a look for your prom makeup because there are so many different ways you can go with makeup. You can do a dramatic smoky eye with a glossy pinky nude lip. 

Maybe you want a soft natural looking eye with a nice bold red lipstick. 

Maybe you want a soft glittery eye with a hot pink lip. So many choices! 

Should your makeup match the color of your dress? I find it works best to use makeup colors that compliment you (your skin tone and eye color), then add a pop of color that matches your dress if you want to. You can add the color pop in your eye shadow....

Prom Makeup Looks

blue prom dress blue eye shadow

blue eye shadow
or you can choose the lips for the color. A red dress looks fabulous with red lipstick.
red prom dress red lipstick
The best thing to do is try out different looks and see what you like best. See a makeup artist for a trial makeup. The makeup artist can tell you what colors compliment your skin tone, show you some different looks and let you know the latest trends. 

Sometimes you get stuck because you like two different looks that look great on you. Then it's time to ask your friends what they think. Post a pic of the two looks on social media. It's fun to see what other people like. This beautiful prom goer, in the pics below, did just that. She liked the shimmery smokey teal shadow that coordinated with her teal/aquamarine dress but she also liked the matte peachy nude shadow. It ended up being a dead heat on facebook. People liked both looks. Ultimately, the decision was hers.

Which eye for a teal green dress? Smoky teal or warm peachy nude? 
Which did she choose, teal or peach?

eye shadow choices

We ended up combining the looks, a warm peach eye and accented with teal. Her eyes looked simply amazing!!!

prom makeup collage

aquamarine prom dress
Be sure to schedule your prom hair and makeup appointments in advance to get the time you need.

See me for prom makeup at Styling Point in Media, PA

        Have a Beautiful Day! 
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