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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Can you Tattoo over a Dermatofibroma?


I spoke to two professionals about tattooing over a dermatofibroma, a medical esthetician/nurse and a tattoo artist. Both say not to do it. From the medical standpoint, tattooing over a dermatofibroma can cause increased irritation and sensitivity. From the artistic standpoint, ink may not take well over a dermatofibroma plus, dermatofibromas can get bigger over time which will effect the tattoo design. 

The tattoo artist I spoke to, Roddie from Olde Media Tattoo, said he needs to look at any skin condition to make a decision if it can be tattooed over or not. Conditions such as eczema may or may not be able to be tattooed depending on the severity of the eczema and texture of the skin. 

Skin conditions such as moles or a dermatofibroma can be incorporated into a design but not tattooed over. Many scars can be tattooed over, but again the tattoo artists needs to see the scar to make the judgement call. Also, Roddie said a scar must be 2-3 years old before he would tattoo it. 

Tattoo Design Inspiration

Dermatofibromas can be removed but a long scar is left in it's place. That scar, most likely, can be tattooed over in time.

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