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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Tattoo Ideas and Tattoo Coverup

I find tattoos fascinating. Each one is a unique work of art. The designs choices are limitless which makes it a project to choose the perfect design.

I especially like when I spy little semi hidden tattoos.

I had two lovely ladies come into the salon for facials the other day. A mother and daughter. The mom had facials in the past but the daughter never had one. 

Mom thought getting facials would be a special thing that she could do with her daughter since her daughter does so many things with her friends. A moisturizing hand massage is included in my facials and every once in a while I find a fun surprise.... a little hidden tattoo! 

As I massaged the daughter's hand, I spied words on the underside of her wrist. Toora Loora Li. Words from An Irish Lullaby. I didn't ask about it. I just enjoyed seeing it and created a story in my head about it. 

Many employers don't allow tattoos to be visible, so little hidden tattoos are perfect. 
scissor tattoo
The underside of the wrist is a great area to place a not so obvious tattoo. The ankle is easy to hide too.    
martini glass tattoo
The ribs are perfectly hidden for work. Well, for most jobs anyway!
rib tattoo
Many people get tattoos that have special meaning. Tattoos in honor of someone or in memory of someone or a pet. It makes them extra special. Joyful little pieces of art! 

butterflies and flower tattoo
Tattoo by Mike D. at Olde Media Tattoo

This beautiful tattoo belongs to a friend of mine. It's on the side of her body. Like many tattoos, it has special meaning. That's what I love about tattoos. There's almost always a special meaning to them. 

This tattoo began as 3 butterflies representing this special person, her sister and her mother. You can see them there in the center in blue, pink and yellow. 
butterflies and flower tattoo closeup
The tattoo then grew a few years later with beautiful pink flowers to honor her mother. It's a butterfly garden.  I just love a butterfly garden... 
butterfly on butterfly bush
a live one and a tattooed one!

Pink tulips are her Mom's favorite flowers. Such a beautiful, special tribute. 

Look at this amazing face!
girl's face tattoo
by Shane Olde Media Tattoo
How awesome is this cat?
cat tattoo
by Shane Olde Media Tattoo

Guaranteed anniversary remembrance!
anniversary tattoo
by Mike D. Olde Media Tattoo
But not everyone sees them as joyful. My parents for instance. During our family beach vacations, I hear many comments from them as they people watch on the beach. "Oh! Look at that one. It's disgusting." or the classic, "If God wanted people to have tattoos, he would have put them there." Bahahaha! Little do they know, I have a hidden tattoo of my own!

On one of our many family beach vacations, my sister and I decided it would be a fabulous idea to put tattoo decals on our lower backs. Not only on us, but on our teenage daughters as well. Then, we planned to show up at the beach after Mom and Dad had settled in for their people watching. It couldn't have gone more perfectly. Well, actually it would have been more perfect if a video camera was rolling to catch their reactions. 

In a nutshell, they freaked out. Mom said, "Oh Jill! You got a tattoo. How revolting." We told them there was a buy get, one free deal on the boardwalk so our girls got one too. Other people were actually enjoying the show from their beach blankets. What a spectacle!  Mom caught on pretty quickly though and spoiled the fun. She realized they were decals, but we would have had Dad going all day!!! Here's a pic!

tattoo decals
I feared for my niece when they would see her real tattoos this year during our family beach vacation, but oddly enough, there were no comments. Either they saw them and chose to keep their mouths shut or their eyesight is really bad at this point!!! 

Sometimes you just have to cover a tattoo up to avoid a scene. In fact, that niece of mine just got a new job as a server in a restaurant.  She was told she has to cover the tattoo on her forearm. It's easy to cover a small tattoo and keep it covered all day with the right makeup. I have covered small tattoos with makeup for clients for special occasions in a flash.

Now you see it. Now you don't!
tattoo coverup before and after

Click here to see my How to Cover a Tattoo video

Large tattoos take some serious time to cover. You had better get a job that allows tattoos to show!!! 
Here are some of my favorite big and beautiful tattoo ideas:

I love this mermaid!

mermaid tattoo
and this fish!
fish tattoo
by Roddie. Olde Media Tattoo

Roses are always popular and beautiful

skull and roses tattoo
The colors of these roses are so vivid!

roses tattoo
by Mike D. Olde Media Tattoo

I always love butterflies and flowers
flower and butterfly tattoo

flowers and butterfly tattoo
by Roddie Olde Media Tattoo
flowers tattoo
by Mike D. Olde Media Tattoo
sunflower tattoo
by Mike D. Olde Media Tattoo

cherry blossom tattoo
by Mike D. Olde Media Tattoo
flower vine tattoo
by Roddie Olde Media Tattoo
pink flower vine tattoo
by Roddie Olde Media Tattoo

flower scroll tattoo
by Roddie Olde Media Tattoo
lotus and orchid tattoo
by Shane Olde Media Tattoo
Asian tattoo
by Roddie Olde Media Tattoo
And I love animals, too!
dog tattoo
by Mike D. Olde Media Tattoo
elephant tattoo
by Roddie Olde Media Tattoo
lion tattoo
by Roddie Olde Media Tattoo
There are so many beautiful colorful tattoo ideas. It's hard to choose just one. That's why you need to get more than one!

Let your tattoo be something that is meaningful to you. Your our own amazing, personal, joyful piece of art! 

        Have a Beautiful Day! 
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