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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Zoya Polish Christmas Nail designs

It's just a little more than 2 weeks till Christmas. Everywhere you look, there are sparkling decorations and bright lights. Even on fingernails!
Christmas nail designs
My clients enjoy a nail design or a glittery accent nail especially during the holiday season. I like to create simple elegant designs in pretty Christmasy colors.

This year I chose a few of my favorite Christmasy looking Zoya nail polish colors to create my nail designs. 
Zoya nail polish
I didn't realize that a couple of those favorite colors are no longer available. I'll suggest similar looking colors for those discontinued colors for you.

 The snowman on my thumb nails is painted on a shimmery silver. 
snowman nail design
A dotting tool makes the dots quick and easy to make.
dotting tools

The background color is a combination of two Zoya colors Dove with Alicia on top. They create a beautiful silver!
zoya dove and alicia
Dove & Alicia
My Christmas tree is painted with Merida, Sarah and Leia with Aggie as the background color. A rhinestone is the finishing touch on top of the tree. The rhinestone attached easily to wet clear nail polish.
Christmas tree nail design

Zoya Aggie
My Christmas light design has a background of another combination of two colors, Neveah and Leia. A little Leia on top of the light bulbs gives them sparkle!
Christmas light nail design
 Neveah is no longer available. Bebe is a nice replacement for Neveah to give you a similar look.
Zoya Neveah and Leia
Neveah & Leia
My snowflakes are painted on the Matte Velvet Posh. I like the shimmer of the snowflakes against the matte finish 
of the red.
snowflake nail design
 Posh is more longer available but the Matte Velvet Amal is a very beautiful red matte finish with a red pearl fleck.
zoya posh
Zoya Posh
My striped nail is painted with Dove & Alicia, Merida and Sarah. It takes a fine brush and a steady hand to paint stripes. I started with the silver on the entire nail then, painted the red and green stripes. Using striping tape is another way to get nice straight stripes.

Christmas stripe nail design

zoya merida
zoya sarah

I hope my designs inspire you to create a little Christmas fun on your own nails. 

       Have a Beautiful Day! 
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