Thursday, October 27, 2011

Glitter Lashes!

Blue hair and silver eye lashes
There is nothing like a pair of glittery lashes to complete funky night on the town look or a fun Halloween costume.

Start by applying black pencil liner to your upper lash line to 
help conceal the false lash band.

Curl & Mascara
Curl your lashes, apply a coat of black mascara and let it dry.  

Fit the Strip

Trim the lash strip from it's outer edge you fit your eyes.

Apply the Lashes  
Apply lash glue to the lash strip and let it become tacky for 2-
3  minutes.  Apply the lash strip to the skin close to your upper lashes, press it gently in place, and hold  it for a few seconds to set. 

Let the glue dry.  It will turn clear.  

Add a little glitter shadow.

Don't bother with those self adhesive lashes. They just are not sticky enough.  Most lash adhesives contain latex.  Read the labels and look for non latex glue if you are allergic to latex.

Have a beautiful day!
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