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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Do facials help acne?

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This is a question I hear often. 

The answer is yes!

I have worked with many clients with acne prone skin. Some with specific areas that breakout, such as their chin area or forehead, and some who have acne on their entire face. 

Those who come in regularly for facials, regularly would be once a month, see improvement in their skin. It is important to have a facial done by an experienced esthetician who has the right products to treat skin with acne. There are a number of reasons why a facial helps acne.

Exfoliation plays a huge part in the treatment of acne. Keeping the build up of dead cells to a minimum lessens the amount of clogged pores which starts the acne cycle. Exfoliation must be done gently on sensitive acne skin. Abrasive scrubs increase inflammation, cause micro abrasions and can spread bacteria. A facial that includes a soft peel and/or a liquid peel is is the most effective exfoliation because these peels are non abrasive. YonKa Gommage is my favorite soft peel for oily skin.

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Extraction, the removal of blackheads and clogged oil in the pores, during a facial is very effective for improving the look of the skin and helping it heal. Extraction should be done gently on skin that has be properly prepared and softened during the facial process.

The products used in an acne facial are formulated to soothe and heal skin with acne. They are gentle yet effective. You must continue using products to treat acne at home to help control your breakouts . A facial alone once a month will not be enough to control breakouts.

A facial includes a facial massage. The amount of massage that should be done on an acne skin type is very individual. It depends on the severity of the acne. All of my acne prone skin type clients get some form of massage during their facial. The massage can be on their face, neck, shoulders, chest, arms and/or hands because I believe massage has powerful healing benefits for those with acne as well as any other skin type.

The manipulation of the skin and muscles promotes relaxation, well being and stress reduction. 
The level of the stress hormone cortisol drops during a massage.
Endorphins, the brain chemicals that are our natural pain relievers and stress reducers, increase.

Circulation is increased providing increased oxygen to the tissues of the body and better elimination of toxins.

Find the right esthetician
Do a little research to find the salon or spa and esthetician that are right for you. You want a salon that specifically does skin care not a hair salon that can do a facial if you want one. Look for a salon or spa that is a well established business. Check their website and call to ask a few questions about the experience of the estheticians, the kind of products used and if they do acne treatment facials.

A facial can help acne prone skin heal and look more beautiful! 

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Have a happy skin day!

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