Monday, July 14, 2014

Update: Is Hawaiian Tropic tested on Animals?

I have always loved Hawaiian Tropic Sun Care products. This logo made me love them more!
Hawaiian tropic sunscreen label
But, the No Animal Testing logo is missing from the current bottles. I suspect that either the ingredients they use have been tested on animals or they are selling to a country, China, that requires animal testing. I sent the company an email to see what's going on.

Please leave a comment if you know the current animal testing policy for Hawaiian Tropic Products. Thanks!

I got a response from the Hawaiian Tropic people. Here is what they said: 

"Consumers' comments and concerns are most important to us, and we are pleased to advise you that our sun care products are not, and have never been, tested on animals. Our testing involves groups of paid volunteers to use and test the products under the supervision of independent laboratories. In addition, the laboratory analysis that is done uses the in-vitro method of testing." 

They never said why the cruelty free logo was removed from the packaging. I wonder.

Have a Cruelty Free Day!
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  1. Thanks--I had the same question. I always bought only HT sun care products for this reason. I now live in Canada, and just bought some sunscreen, only to return home and realize the cruelty-free logo was missing. Very curious why they would stop including the logo, but hopefully their response to you was genuine!