Monday, July 28, 2014

How to Thin Nail Polish

Nail polish gets thick because the solvents that keep it free flowing evaporate. Add nail polish thinner to nail polish to thin it, not nail polish remover. Why? The ingredients in polish remover are not the ingredients found in nail polish. Polish thinner contains the solvents, such as butyl acetate, ethyl acetate, heptane and toluene, that are solvents found in nail polish. 

thick polish

Some brands, such as Seche Vite, make their own thinner specifically for their products. Otherwise a basic polish thinner will do.
dropper of polish thinner
 Add a few drops at a time. Once polish is over thinned, it just doesn't thicken up again. I've tried leaving the top off an over thinned polish for hours, but it never seemed to get to the right consistency again.
polish bottle
Try adding 5 drops. Slowly roll the polish bottle back and forth to mix or turn it upside down wait a bit, then right side up again.
polish bottle
Slow mixing works better than vigorous shaking. Open the polish and check the consistency.

Still too thick?

Add 5 more drops of thinner. Continue adding thinner and mixing till the proper consistency is reached.

If your polish is super thick, just toss it. It won't thin properly.

 Help keep your polish from getting thick by keeping the neck of the bottle clean. Use polish remover on a cotton ball for cleaning. Also, keep the bottle tightly closed when not in use.

Find nail polish thinner at beauty supply shops such as Sally Beauty Supply.

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