Friday, July 31, 2015

Bruised, Injured Nail is Falling Off

injured nail
Q. I slammed my finger in a drawer and really injured my nail! It is dark, bruised and it feels loose. Is it going to fall off?

A. It could fall off but probably not for a while because it is still partially attached. There is a new nail growing in pushing the loose injured nail out. Try to keep the loosened nail on as long as possible by keeping the nail trimmed as short as possible so it doesn't become top heavy. 

Lightly smooth the ragged edge to prevent it from getting caught and pulling off. If there is no open wound or infection, your nail tech can apply a bit of glue or a nail wrap to help hold the nail on. The nail will need frequent maintenance consisting of re-gluing and trimming to keep it under control. Protect the nail by wearing a bandaid when doing tasks that could  pull up the nail or damage the nail repair. Wear gloves when doing the dishes and cleaning.

You will have to be patient. The nail will take about 6 months to grow out. The new, grown in nail could have ridges or a dent in it due to the injury. But maybe not. I have seen many injured nails come back just fine. It's a wait and see thing.

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