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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Halloween Store Makeup

The Halloween stores are open!!! 

That means it's time for me to stock up on those fun unusual items that you only find in stores this time of year. 

Theatrical makeup supplies, creamy glitter eye shadows and funky lashes, lots of fun, crazy lashes! 
eye lash display
The Halloween stores are well stocked with all of that stuff. I saw some great bright colored clip in hair extensions as well. They are not high quality but are certainly a nifty little item to wear for a little fun.

pantyhose display
pantyhose display

I also stock up on funky pantyhose, fishnets and thigh highs. 

I have been in my local Spirit Halloween Store several times already! There is so much fun stuff I know I will be back several more times.

These stores are only here until early November. You may find yourself stocking up too! 

Amazon is another resource I use to theatrical makeup and other costume supplies. The good news with Amazon has so many items are always available unlike the seasonal Halloween shops.
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