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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Types of Eyeliner & Eyeliner Application Tips

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Eyeliner comes in a variety of forms each providing it's own unique look. Some are easier to work with than others. Let me go over the various type of eyeliner and give you some pointers on how to apply them.

Types of Eyeliner & How to Use Them

Pencil Liner:

pencil eye liner
Let's start with pencil liner. 

It is easy to work with and comes in a pencil form that can be sharpened or in an automatic pencil form that twists up as needed. I like the old fashioned pencil the can be sharpened to a nice point. 

Use that nice sharp pencil and apply the line in your lashes and just above. Smudge the line with a liner brush or pointed Q-tip for a natural look.  Use it on the top and bottom lash lines. 

A kohl pencil is softer and smudges easier that a classic pencil.

Here is an interesting tidbit about eye and lip liner pencils.

Pencil liners that are made in Germany are known to be high quality products. There are two factories in Germany that manufacturer liner pencils for drugstore and luxury brands using similar waxes and pigments to make them. 

Take a look at the pencil's packaging or on the pencil itself for where it was made. 

Prestige pencils are one of my favorites. Prestige pencils are made in Germany. 

You do need to read the packaging because a cosmetic company may use different factories in different countries to make their products.  For instance, I noticed L'Oreal's pencils were made in Brazil, Germany or USA.  Interesting, isn't it? 

Felt Tip Liner:

felt tip eye liner
It's is a liner that looks like a pencil but goes on like a liquid.

The tip is like a magic marker tip and provides a smooth liquid like line. 

The color does not look as intense as liquid liner but it is definitely easier to apply than liquid liner. 

The color is buildable allowing you to apply a light line then go over it to make it thicker. This liner looks best on the top lash line. 

Use a pencil or eye shadow for the bottom lash line.

Liquid Liner:

liquid eye liner
Liquid liner comes in a tube with a liner brush. 

It gives you that classic dark dramatic eyeliner look and is great for the 60's winged eye look we are see so much on celebrities like Adelle. 

Apply it to your top lash line.

Use a pencil or eye shadow on the bottom lash line for a more natural look. 

Liquid is a bit tricky to work with. When applying liquid liner to your top lash line, try making little connected dashes with the brush instead of one continuous line. It is easier. 

The color can be built up. Go over your line again to make it thicker and more intense. Make the line thinner at the inner corner of the eye and gradually make it thick as it reaches the outer corner of the eye.

Gel Liner:

gel eye liner
Gel liner is a bit easier work with than liquid liner but I find it takes a bit of work to get even coverage with the gel. 

It comes in a small jar and is thick and creamy. 

Use a stiff liner brush to apply it to top and also bottom lashes.

Dip it into the product then wipe your brush on the rim of the jar to remove excess. 

You can get the classic liquid line look or you can create a smudgy line.  It can be difficult to build up color with this type of liner because it seems to clump up.

Cake Liner:

cake eye liner
Then there is old fashioned cake liner.  

Cake liner comes in a powder form and is applied with a wet eye liner brush. 

This gives you the classic heavy top line like liquid liner but is a bit softer looking than liquid liner. 

It can also be used dry with a liner brush like an eye shadow.

Use it wet on top. Dry on the bottom. 

It is difficult to build up color with the wet liner brush. It washes away when you try to apply another layer.

Eye Shadow:

smoky gray eye shadow
Eye shadow is the easiest eyeliner. 

Use an eyeliner brush to apply any shade of eye shadow to your top and bottom lash lines. 

Many eye shadows can be used wet to create a more intense line. 

Eye shadow also works great over pencil liner to set the pencil and create soft smoky smudgy lines. 

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I hope this post has inspired you to experiment with different eye liner looks. 

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