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White Bumps Under Eyes: Milia

Have you noticed that you have little white looking bumps under your eyes?
white bumps under eye
Most likely those little white bumps are milia. They can feel hard or pearly. These bumps are not acne. Milia can occur when dead skin cells become trapped beneath the outer layer of skin. A small benign cyst can form which is the milia. It's a cyst? Don't let that word scare you. They are harmless, but unwanted bumps. 

They can occur on any area of the skin that tends to be on the dry side. They cannot be squeezed out like a blackhead or pimple because they have no opening. A layer of skin covers them. A hole must be created in them using a needle, then they can be extracted out.
This is a common problem for the under eye area. It is a dry, delicate area of the skin. I see it a lot on my clients. Heavy products used around the eyes usually cause the problem. It can be a moisturizer that contains a lot of oils and waxes or it can also be that much needed concealer we use to hide our dark circles. I don't recommend a needle and extraction around the eyes. The skin is too fine and delicate. Other areas of the face may be able to handle the needle and extraction but not under the eyes.

There are a few things you can do to help get rid of the under eye bumps.

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells to help free the milia. You must be careful with the eye area. Pulling and scrubbing will accentuate wrinkles and cause irritation. The best way to exfoliate under the eyes is to lightly and gently massage the area with a clean wet wash cloth. Lightly and gently! Then apply an eye cream containing retinol or alpha hydroxy acid. Retinol and alpha hydroxy acids gently exfoliate dead skin cells. Good exfoliating eye creams are hard to find. Murad Intensive Winkle Reducer for Eyes contains a good bit of glycolic acid to gentle exfoliate the eye area. 

Use an Eye Cream
It is true that you can use a facial moisturizer anywhere on your face including the eye area, but if you are having under eye milia issues, a cream made specifically for the eye area is better for you. An eye cream is formulated for the eye area and tends to be lighter in oil and waxes than a facial moisturizer. Lilyana Naturals Eye Cream is a nice natural eye cream to gently hydrate the under eye area.

Massage increases the circulation. Increased circulation can help remove the milia from the inside. It may sound crazy but it works for many of my clients. Apply a moisturizer on just washed damp skin. Lightly massage the under eye area making little circles with your fingertips for a couple of minutes.

Change your Makeup
Your concealer may be too heavy. I try many different concealers to try to hide my dark circles. I find the some cause milia on me and some do not. Switch concealer brands. You can also switch from a cream concealer to a liquid concealer. Apply your foundation first. It is a lighter product than concealer and may be enough to hide your circles. If the foundation is not enough, apply concealer on top where you need it the most. You will be using less concealer when applying it over a foundation rather than under it. BarePro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation is a nice light concealer that gives decent coverage. Cover Fx Cream Concealer is a great concealer to try. A little goes a long way.

Be gentle and consistent and those under eye bumps should gradually disappear.
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