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Monday, May 11, 2015

How choose the right bronzer

too much  bronzer
 I have seen it. I know you have seen it too. That exaggerated brown streak of bronzer on someone's cheek. It is so unnatural looking and almost dirty looking. 

There are a few things you can do to get a nice natural glow with bronzer. I am going to show you some Physician's Formula Bronzersbecause they have a large selection of bronzers in a variety of shades, they are available at many stores, they are nice quality at an affordable price and are cruelty free.

Bronzers come on many shades, tones and finishes. Some are a solid color.
bronze boosting glow boosting airbrushing bronzing veil deluxe edition

Some are mosaic with various colors.
powder palette multi colored face powder

Some are metallic to create a luminous glow.
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It can be overwhelming to choose the right color. Here are some tips to help you pick the right bronzer for you:
Mosaic vs Solid Color
A mosaic bronzer contains a variety of colors in one compact. Our skin actually contains a variety of colors as well, such as red areas, yellow areas and brown areas. The mosaic style bronzer is designed to create a soft natural look by allowing your makeup brush to pick up a blend of the colors. 

A solid color bronzer creates a bolder color. A mosaic is easier to work with than a solid color because it is easier to blend.
multi colored and solid bronzer

Color Intensity
Choose the best shade for your skin color to avoid muddy looking bronzer. If your skin is light, use a lighter colored bronzer. Dark skin colors need a darker colored bronzer. 

Physician's Formula makes it easier to choose the best shade by offering a nice selection of colors for many of their bronzer styles. For instance, the Magic Mosaic Multi-Colored pressed powder comes in 3 shades.
magic mosaic multicolored pressed powder

If your skin has warm peachy tones, go with a warm colored bronzer. If your skin has cooler pink tones, look for a bronzer that has cooler tones.

powder palette multi colored face powder

Choose a finish that suits your needs. Many bronzers contain metallic or pearlized particles. A bronzer that is listed as luminous, will create a glowing metallic or pearly finish. The luminous finish is fun and can create a nice young dewy look. This finish is not usually the best choice for photographic makeup because of it's shine.

A matte finish bronzer will create a natural finish that is not shiny. The matte finish is more natural looking and will photograph better than a luminous finish. A matte finish is the best choice for contouring when you want areas of the face to recede. Also, matte is better for those with oily skin that already has too much shine.
metallic and matte bronzer

Cream vs Powder
Bronzers can come in cream or powder formulas. Powders tend to be easier to blend by using a fluffy powder brush. Creams are applied with a sponge, a foundation brush or your fingers and take a little more effort to get a well blended finish. A cream bronzer provides more moisture than a powder bronzer and is usually better for dryer skin types.

physicians formula bronzer butter

Blend, Blend, Blend!

The key to beautiful looking bronzer is the blending. Apply your powder bronzer with a fluffy brush to your cheek. Tap your brush after you pick up the bronzer to remover excess powder. Use circular motions so there are no hard lines. 

Apply a cream bronzer with a sponge, a foundation brush or your fingers. Pick up a small amount of the bronzer with the tool of your choice. Use an upward motion to apply the cream bronzer to your cheek. Then, blend the bronzer into your skin using circular motions with your sponge, brush or fingers.

You will end up with soft beautiful glow with no steaks of brown on your cheeks!

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Have a Beautiful Day!
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