Thursday, May 23, 2013

Q&A: Where to Apply Bronzer.

Q. Summer is coming and I need to add some color to my pale skin! Where should I apply bronzer?

A. Bronzer is a great way to add quick color to your skin. A powder bronzer can be applied to specific areas of the face or it can be brushed all over. Powder bronzer is easy to work with because it is easily blended and comes in a variety of shades.

Apply bronzer that is a shade darker than your skin color to areas of the face that get the most sunlight, the nose, the cheeks, the chin and center of the forehead, for a sun kissed look. Always blend it well in circular motions with your brush.

You can also brush it all over your face for an all over tan look. You will need to add some bronzer to your decolletage (neck, chest and shoulders) as well so that your face doesn't look way darker than the rest of you. 

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