Friday, May 3, 2013

Will acrylic nails ruin my nails?

acrylic powder
This is a question I frequently hear. The question that usually follows is, "don't my nails need to breathe?". Acrylic nails, done the proper way that are taken care of properly, will not ruin your natural nails. They will do a some damage, but they will not ruin your nails. The nails are always growing and the damaged areas will grow out. I know people who have been wearing acrylic nails for 30 years with no problems at all. 

Nails are made of hard keratin like the hair. The nail plate is actually dead tissue. It doesn't need to breath. Nails are porous and do absorb water which evaporates naturally from the nails. The water does not evaporate readily when the nails are covered with acrylic. This causes them to become soft and pliable under the acrylic covering them. Wear gloves when your hands are exposed to water such as, when cleaning and doing dishes. If your acrylic becomes loose, get it fixed as soon as possible to prevent mold spots between your nail and the acrylic.

Look for a reputable salon using brand name acrylic material. No name products can be illegal, containing chemicals such as methyl methacrylate that will cause serious damage your nails. Also, look for a nail technician who does filing by hand on your natural nail rather than drill filing. Drill filing, when done incorrectly, will do serious damage to you nails. Stay on a regular 2-3 week refill schedule and your natural nails should be healthy and beautiful!

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