Monday, February 28, 2011

Vinegar Rinse for Shiny Hair

Does your hair need more shine? There is a simple hair rinse you can mix up from an ingredient you probably have right in your kitchen pantry.

Add some super shine to your hair by rinsing in vinegar and cold water.  

Mix together 1 cup white vinegar and 1 cup cold water and have it handy and waiting for you in the shower. Shampoo and condition your hair as usual then, rinse with the vinegar mixture followed by a cold water rinse. 

Why cold water instead of warm for the rinse? The cold water will help close the cuticles of the hairs creating a flatter, shinier surface on the strands of hair. Just wait till you see all the extra shine your hair has!

Have a Beautiful Hair Day!

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

BareEase: Safe Numbing Cream for Waxing

Could bikini waxing actually be pain free? It's true that the more you wax, the less painful waxing becomes.  The hair becomes weaker with repeated waxing and it becomes more easily removed. But still, not completely pain free. 

There is a product out there that claims to make bikini waxing "ouchless". BareEase and Cream was designed by an anesthesiologist to ease the pain of bikini waxing.  The kit comes with a numbing cream and a pair of latex panties.  The numbing is applied first then, the latex panties go on to isolate the numbing cream and protect your clothes from the numbing cream.  After 30 minutes, you are ready for pain free waxing! Does it work?  According to NBC 10, some women said it made no difference. Others said it took the edge off.  

Want to try it? Get more info at BareEase contains Lidocaine and latex so do not try it if you are allergic to either ingredient. See me for waxing at Styling Point in Media, Pa. Apply your BareEase and come on in. We'll see how it works!

Have a Beautiful Day!

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